Fuyang District
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福斯图阿柳如是Going to the safari between May and May, it happened to be raining, but the animals still appear as usual, and the rainy day is also a general atmosphere. When you open the park at 9 or 30 in the morning, it is recommended to rent a small car first. Overall, it is still a big walk. It is very tired. But I feel that I have good feet. There is no car after going late. The first half is basically small animals. Several can be fed one food for 20. There are two theaters. One is an acrobat and the other is an animal. It is recommended to take a look. There is a playground in the middle. It is still good. Overall good, the beast area can only be driven by yourself or a small train, the stay is too short, but you can go back indefinitely by small train.
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Ancient Settlement
开水泡馍馍没带There are many people on holidays, but I have to say I chose the right place this time, it is relatively small and the view is great! Longmen Ancient Town, Sun Quan's hometown, is also a good place for the national Sun surname to visit the ancestors, or the hometown of Sun Xiaomei, a martyr of the Anti-Japanese War, the whole ancient town street and alleys are crisscrossed, the attractions are staggered, the education is far-reaching, can visit, can visit the ancient theory of today, can also remember the first martyr, Or can family wind inherit education... May Day holiday is also at the local hundred flowers festival opening, all kinds of flowers and plants are also purplish red, competing to open, shuttle among the hundred flowers, how comfortable!
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麦克的老狼There are not many people going on holiday during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The past 1 and a half hours in Hangzhou has been the parking lot at the entrance of the scenic spot. The parking lot is not 10 yuan a car. After entering the park, you need not go up the mountain on the slide. After coming down, you walk slowly for 5 minutes to reach the karst cave. The cave is very cool and interesting. After coming out, you can go down and go down the mountain. You can choose a cloud nine flying car for 50 yuan (free of charge below 1.2 meters), you can also walk down the mountain not far, there is a glass channel when it went, it is estimated that the price is (88 yuan per person). There is a small children's playground at the bottom of the mountain, and the contents are old. Walking through the children's park is the lakeside boat ride (free, included in the ticket), the lake is beautiful, after a walk to the shore, there is a shuttle bus to the driver to the parking lot, the boarding and disembarking location is not the same place. The scenic area is relatively small, but it seems that you can barbecue at the place where you get off the boat. The overall feeling is ok.
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Famous Residences
夜猫葫芦2020.4.30 Drive to the hermitage of Huanggongwang in Fuyang, Hangzhou The picture of Fuchun Mountain Residence and the picture of the leftover mountains. Part of it is in the collection of the National Palace Museum in Taiwan, and the other half is in the collection of the Zhejiang Museum as a treasure The scroll is magnificent and the brushwork is delicate. It was made by Huang Gongwang in a small cave in her seclusion. Car parked in the parking lot, pay 10 yuan, cash or WeChat payment, no Alipay payment. Opening time 8:30, you can go in directly after paying the parking fee. Tickets are still free. Pay attention to the WeChat public account of Huang Gongwang's secluded place in Fuyang. Open the smart play inside, and follow your steps in real-time voice commentary. You can take a battery car back and forth for a total of 20 yuan, and you can get off at any time when you encounter scenic spots along the way. Every 20 minutes It’s better to walk on the trail. The one-way is about 2.5 kilometers. It took four hours to play slowly, sit, eat, drink, and play with the stream. The first half of the journey has gardening design and the shape is more exciting, the second half of the journey is mainly natural landscape There are streams along the way Xiaodongtian at the end is the residence of Huang Gongwang’s hermit creation. About 100 meters into the scenic area is the Huang Gongwang Memorial Hall, where you can learn a lot of knowledge There is also a statue of Guanyin made 30 years ago along the way There is a restful heart valley is a house Eat at the Baizhu Mountain Villa in the scenic area. Four dishes are 220 yuan, all of them are farmhouse cuisines. Large quantities are cheap and relatively affordable. Cold drinks and desserts are not expensive. It is recommended not to go out to eat.
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峰哥秀希Great 🎊🎉👍 [Scenery] The scenery here is very good, there are lush trees, it is very comfortable to come here in summer, it is not hot at all. The oily smoke smell is a bit heavy. It is recommended that friends with weak lungs and easy coughing do not come. [Fun] The projects here are very good, there are boats on the water, children's playground and bicycles on the ground, and a parkour project in the air, both on land, water and air😊 The food is also very good, but it is delicious 😋, both farmhouse and barbecue
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D29***67I live in Fuyang and love it here. It is a district of Hangzhou and is small with about 1 million people. it is very traditional Chinese with limited Western food options. however, the people are friendly and the city is pretty.

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Fuyang District Weather

27 Sep, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Fuyang District
27 Sep, 2021 Fuyang District Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 68%, Sunrise/Sunset: 05:51/17:51
Fuyang District Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: High

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