Bohol Island
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Things To Do in Jagna

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Pamela LorenzoI’ts a beautiful place to go with your loved ones. You’ll feel the province vibes with the scenic view from the top of the mountain.Chocolate hills of bohol 🌴
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fcy911When traveling to Bohol Island in the Philippines, the Lobo River is one of the must-visit attractions, known as the "Oriental Amazon River". Everyone was on a boat tour, the pristine tropical scenery on both sides of the strait made people linger, this kind of beauty is rare. The singers on the ship sang familiar songs. Later, the singer invited tourists to sing. Some of the companions who were not stage fright sang. There are many characteristic houses on both sides of the strait, and many children are still performing here. There are also many interesting buildings on the riverside, which remind you to find out. Taking the boat down the river, slowly, time seems to be slowing down, the wish seems to stagnate, and gradually intoxicated.
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M38***13If you are afraid of bugs and see larvae, butterflies don't go here. A handsome guy in our party was scared to death by the insects. But the Butterfly Valley is designed to be very natural, and you can see the life changes of butterflies. Finally, there are living butterflies lying on your face and taking pictures on your ears! not bad. Tickets are not free here.
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悠长板凳Loboc Town (Loboc Town) may be the second largest town on Bohol Island after Tagbilaran, as is the Loboc San Pedro Church (Museo De Loboc) built in 1602 One of the oldest churches on the island. The earthquake collapsed in 2013. As famous as this church’s long history, there is also an interesting story about her. People decided to build a bridge over the Loboc River next to the church. They didn’t know this. The bridge was designed by a friend who was short-sighted. When the construction was halfway, the workers found that the bridge was facing the church. If it was built further, the church had to be demolished, so the construction had to be stopped.
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yangduoduo17The mountain roads here are twists and turns, and you have to wait for the car to take a photo. Because the mountain roads are curved, you can’t see the coming cars. There are several sections of roadsides where people can take pictures. Our driver chose a place to help. We shoot, and always want us to shoot the appearance of a family jumping up. There is no entrance fee for this location, only the transportation fee (chartered car/taxi/locomotive). The location is on the roadside. In hot weather, this is a good place to escape the summer heat. Be careful when vehicles pass by. Residence time is about 20 minutes
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Nigel AtuelPowder white sand beach. A very nice place to relax and unwind.