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Things To Do in Jiande

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roiberadori would say it was amazing and eventhough they were still renovating or fixing their cable car, the way going up was not as bad as the other mountains that i climbed. i would say, half day is enough to go around the place. Walking going up should be around an hour or a slow walking going up should not be more than 2 hours. if there is a cable car it should be around 2-3 hours to go around the place. The place has a lot of amazing views and i know family and friends would really enjoy going there. I even saw small kids going up and also old people.
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Seal_ChanThere are many vehicles found around the scenic spot. Gu is older to the overall scenic spot, but the service is super unexpected and chats with the instructor. It also indicates that because the scenic spot has a long time, the traffic is not big, but the overall design is very avant-garde, and there will be light shows in part.
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Boat Tour
205***59I took a boat for more than an hour to come to the island. There were not many people, just a small boat. The facilities were more primitive. I didn't go to another island, I don't know why. I went straight to drifting, didn't wait for the small train to go up, the small train was 15 yuan. Then went up to change clothes and saved 2 yuan coins must be brought. It is that the change environment is not good, there is no hot water, a bit dirty, can only be changed at haste. Then go to the queue, take the tour bus to the mountain, not not many people on weekends. Then start rafting. Drifting is really OK, not exciting, the baby can also play very happy, the water is very clean, there are a few places up and down is quite interesting, all wet. More than an hour to float down the mountain, change clothes, and sit for another hour to wear to the dock, that is to say, the pier. Still more happy.
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红绿1In Hangzhou, Zhejiang, there is such an ancient town, still maintain the original appearance, quaint, just like a painter painting ink painting, or a movie location.
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Water Conservancy Project
GY悠然游Xin'anjiang is not only the golden passage of Suhang paradise, but also a beautiful landscape gallery; it is a true legend, it is a culture of immortal poems. Throughout the ages, many literati and inkmen have written poems for it, called "paradise wonderland". We are lucky to see the misty wonderland at Xin'anjiang Power Station, beautiful! Address: Xin'anjiang Hydropower Station (Zijintan, Xin'anjiang Street, Jiande City, Zhejiang Province)
Nearby City
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Tammy&JWonderful nature. We used Didi to get to the locations. I can recommend:Tianjire Qiqiu club where you can try hot air ballon or paragliding. You can buy tickets there. Qindao Lake Yujie where you can try a special fish and walk. Lots of restaurants.You can go to the docks and take the boat to visit some od the islands. We got the boat for Tianchi island connected with a Bird island and we visited Meifeng island. The ticket is 200RMB per person.On Meifeng island you will stay for one hour. Enough to go up by the cable car, see the view and walk down. Cable car is 50RMB for a round trip and 30 for one way.People are friendly and helpful.Have a nice time!