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Geological Sites
M17***83In ancient times, Xu Xiake had three Shangjiang Langshan; modern times, Mo Yan said to stepping on Jiang Langshan, so it can be seen that Jiang Langshan is a famous mountain! I also came to Jiang Langshan today, really good, or free tour!
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Ancient Settlement
ellazhengShanqingshuixiu, in the ancient town in the mountains, the air is fresh, especially after the rain, smoke is haunted, very beautiful. 2021 is still non-holiday holiday Monday to Friday free tickets. Dialect surname pavilion and Dai Ling and Juntong female agent showcase are very good looking. The train station has a direct car for 20 yuan for 100 minutes. Do the 1 o'clock car to Jianglang Mountain in the afternoon and it will be done in a day.
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Historical Architecture
亲亲宝贝1234Dai Ling's former residence, which was built by Dai Ling's brother Dai Chunbang, was the head of the Kuomintang military in 1943. Dai Ling's residence was located in Baoan Township, Jiangshan City, Zhejiang Province, just a few dozen kilometers from Pucheng County, Fujian Province. In the middle of the small street of Bao'an town, there are common white wall gray tiles, red pillar mud land of common people's homes in Jiangnan, this is Dai Ling's former residence. If there is no refurbished mark, and local point, and many folk houses similar, common and simple appearance, it is difficult to connect with the powerful Dai Ling. Dai Ling's old house is a heavy organ, can hide the hidden weapons, set up an ambush, also convenient escape, its most famous escape secret road.
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Ancient Trail
一生好游Xianxiaguan in Jiangshan security township Xianxia Ling, Xianxia ancient road was opened by the Yellow Chao Uprising Army in Fujian in the end of Tang Dynasty, since ancient times is the military fight. Since the southeastern key, eight throats called. Xianxiaguan is the only land official road from Zhejiang to Hunan. The main relics of the river and mountain section of the maritime Silk Road. It is the only intact site of the Huangchao Uprising in the whole country. Xianxia Pass was built in the Northern Song Dynasty and is one of the four famous Passes of ancient times.
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酒仙老周Luzhou should be the most friendly place for Chinese citizens! Luzhou's dependent areas include five A attractions, free tickets on weekdays! If you have time to go the most place! Of course Luzhou! Have been numerous times! This trip to Fugai Mountain is definitely another high level of Zhejiang by car! Compared to the previous Nanjianyan! But the advantage of the niche is that there are fewer people! Not a few places to sell in the A-spot toilet! But the door of the people is good! Cigarette lighters are taken out and bagged for you to take! 👍[interest][view][price/performance]
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Ancient Villages
一生好游Qingyu Mao's cultural village in Zhejiang Jiangshan, Mao's 65th generation of Mr. Mao Zishui was born in Jiangshan, Qingyu still retains the original original Mao Zishui former residence, very simple old house. Mao Zishui from a small love reading, learning not tireless, learning old, using old, is a generation of Guoxue taidou and master.

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Nianbadu Ancient TownQuzhou,China

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Former Residence of Dai Li in Xianxia PassQuzhou,China

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Qingyang Mao's Culture VillageQuzhou,China

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Fugai MountainQuzhou,China

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Jianglang Mountain Scenic AreaQuzhou,China

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Xujiang ParkQuzhou,China

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About Jiangshan

Jiangshan is a county-level city in Quzhou prefecture in western Zhejiang province. It shares a border with Fujian and Hubei provinces. The famous Mount Jianglang is situated here. The county is known for its picturesque scenery, rich natural resources and ancient history. Popular attractions include Xianxia pass (the site of a major Tang dynasty rebellion), Mount Jianglang and the ancestral home of the Mao family, located in the village of Qingyang.

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