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Things To Do in Jianhu

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感娪人生[Recommended Jiulongkou Scenic Area: It is a famous scenic spot in the Lixiahe area] Located in the Jiulongkou Tourist Resort, Jianhu County, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, it is named after nine rivers converge on a small island: Jiulongkou. There are also tea houses on Dragon Ball Island: Dragon Ball Island is the center of Jiulongkou, and there are many magical anecdotes about Dragon Ball Island at Jiulongkou... There is a sacred tree of grains on Dragon Ball Island. Snow willow (scientific name: Fontanesia fortunei Carrière) belongs to the genus Oleaceae. Plants, deciduous shrubs or small trees, up to 8 meters tall; bark grayish brown. Branches are off-white, cylindrical, branchlets light yellow or light green, quadrangular or angular, glabrous. Welcome to Yancheng, the selfie is watermarked, thank you for watching, and I wish you all a happy trip!
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City Park
海阔天空zgyShuanghu Park, the pride of the people of Jianhu! It is worth a visit! Having friends visit countless times, the feeling is different every time, in which, the body and heart will be greatly comforted, I hope that Shuanghu will bring you more enjoyment!
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令狐冲88It's worth going. Located by the Xitang River, opposite the former site of the county government, it was once the main square for leisure and entertainment of county citizens. The People's Square was once a memory of a generation of people in the small county. It was demolished and reconstructed on the old site of the government family area in the old city!
40 Reviews
Water Park
118***50It's not bad there are deep sea whirlpools very exciting but the limited weight overweight comrades can only look at the cool, the other is that the ground inside is sand must wear shoes. The first time I went in, I didn't know that the feet on the sand that I stepped on barefoot hurt and immediately came out to wear shoes. okay .
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Water Park
_We***15Suitable for children under the age of five to play in the water park, not very deep pool baby play very happy, adults can also rest assured, the project is not exciting, the beauty is that the bathroom is bare feet without shoes, I feel very dirty, the environment is OK, relatively empty, The water is also clean, my skin is sensitive back also no abnormality.
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令狐冲88A gathering place for the art masters from the political, business and cultural circles in Jianhu County! The county's activities in this event are serialized, which are welcomed and loved by the people of the county. The art gate is open to everyone all year round for free!

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Jiulongkou Scenic AreaYancheng,China

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About Jianhu

Jianhu (建湖) is located in the middle course of the Lixia River in Jiangsu Province. It is situated on the coast of the Yellow Sea, backed by the North Jiangsu Plain, and is known as “the pearl of water towns.” Jianhu is renown as the hometown of acrobatic performance and of Huai Opera. Oufenyuan, a traditional snack of Jianhu County, is said to have a history of over 200 years. Famous attractions include the Jiulongkou Scenic Area, the Lu Xiufu Memorial Hall, ancient tombs of Han Dynasty rulers and Shuanghu Park.

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19 Oct, 2021 Jianhu Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 10–17 kph, Humidity: 64%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:08/17:23
Jianhu Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Low