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Things To Do in Jiexi

780 Reviews
睡恣@M丶The waterfalls are set in a deep mountain canyon, the mountains on both sides are green, woody, vines, bamboo, like the source of the world. The valley of the stones, the magical work, the magic flowers, different trees, each shine, 2 hours of travel enough to enjoy the wonders of the world waterfalls.
118 Reviews
M34***90The resort is very big, time is related we only went to the Baihu Garden and the Great Wall. Baihu Garden will charge an additional 30 tickets, there are many tigers, deer, peacock, various snakes, monkeys, brown bear, birds, porcupine, beaver rat, crocodile, horses and other animals. Great Wall simulation is very high, there are Badaling, Shanhaiguan, etc. , can walk about 1000 meters.
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M24***24The scenery here is so-so, it was very hot when I went to the National Day, and I read the comments that the mountain was cooler at night, and I even brought a jacket. As a result, I didn’t need to go to the National Day heat this year. There were a lot of bonfires at night. It is cheaper to book a room, but the name of the room is a villa. In fact, the accommodation is not very good. The TV cannot be seen. A row of bungalows are blocked and there is no view to see. Going to play golf is not bad, go kart is also good. Generally speaking, it’s so-so, but it won’t come anymore.
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奥尔斯克王翦Overall great, good value for money, fun and fun, good views, good, cheap, affordable, photos can also be taken, it is better to go in the morning, less people, more people at night, perfect in the morning, also in the apartment
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Amusement Park
M15***87The children are especially happy to play, and say they will come next time. There are a lot of entertainment facilities, some of them are not open yet. However, it is very tired to play all day. We also went to the nearby city and ate the local porridge. The taste is awesome. Overall great,
11 Reviews
320***03The scenic spot is relatively far from Shantou, and it can only be reached by self-driving. The service staff of the scenic spot are very enthusiastic. There are a few sections in the middle of the rafting which are very exciting.

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Guangdong Dabeishan Revolutionary History Memorial HallJieyang,China

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Dabeishan Forest Park Jingming Holiday ResortJieyang,China

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Huang Manzhai WaterfallJieyang,China

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Longtan WaterfallJieyang,China

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The Longshan Hot-Spring ResortJieyang,China

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Shiling TempleJieyang,China

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About Jiexi

Jiexi is a county under the administration of Jieyang City, located in its western portion. Jiexi is endowed with gorgeous natural scenery and many important cultural sites. Attractions include the Lintian Zumiao (“Ancestral Temple”), the Dabeishan (“Large North Mountain”) National Forest Park, and the Huangmanqi Waterfall Group. Jiexi is nationally famous as a base of operations during the Revolution and it is the hometown of many emigrant overseas Chinese. Two-thirds of the population are overseas Chinese, ethnic Chinese, or compatriots from Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.

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