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Cultural Experiencial Area
DIANAZIt is good to visit it in jingdezheng. To get a better understanding of jingdezheng
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Ancient Settlement
M17***83Yaoli ancient town is the birthplace of Jingdezhen ceramics, rich in porcelain raw materials Kiln Kaolin, this place originally called "Yaoli", later changed to "Yaoli". Yaoli ancient town in Jingdezhen City northeast 50 kilometers, is a good place for mountains and rivers.
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Historical Site
贾志新Yuyao Factory is also too good to shoot 8⃣️ to come to porcelain must punch 🍶 Figure 1-3 Bingding Chaiyuan in the deep mountains of Jingdezhen 🍶 The most beautiful Chaiyuan niche and high-class, which costs up to 20 million, is very suitable for photographing 📷 Figure 4-10
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Historical Architecture
秋水雅2018Fuliang Guxian Yao Scenic Area, known as "Jiangnan First Yao ″, well preserved, worth seeing. It was raining when we went, but it just happened to have a show, the performance was quite interesting, like! Just the attraction was a bit cold.
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秋水雅2018The Chinese Ceramics Museum is a must-see for me to Jingdezhen, which is the predecessor of Jingdezhen Ceramics Museum, is the first ceramic museum in China. I like its architectural style too much, and shoot. It's best to rent a guide for this visit, it gives a good insight into each piece of porcelain in its past life, definitely a holy place for ceramic enthusiasts or ceramic workers. Recommended!
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Ancient Settlement
黯然-终极神伤🇨🇳Yinli, a beautiful name; Yaoli, a beautiful place! In Yaoli, the folk wind is simple here; in Yaoli, the girls here are beautiful and kind! In the dream, Yaoli is picturesque, quaint, beautiful, and the fish in the stream 🐟 happily swimming around... There are also the natural scenic spots in Yaoli, and the memorial site has the old residence of Chen Yi and the new four army reorganization monument. 🚩 The most beautiful place in Jingdezhen. The ancient town is free of charge. If you have time, you can stay for two days and slowly experience the beauty of the ancient town!

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Guaishi ForestJingdezhen,China

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Meiling Leisure ResortJingdezhen,China

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Fuliang Ancient CityJingdezhen,China

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China National Ceramic Art CenterJingdezhen,China

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Deyu Ecological ParkJingdezhen,China

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About Jingdezhen

Through its streets suffer from the polluting effects of the numerous porcelain factories dotting the city center. This scruffy city is worth a visit for its cultural and industrial importance to the country. Having produced porcelain for nearly two thousand years, Jingdezhen today houses one of the world's most impressive collections of Chinese ceramic art and artifacts. More than 30 historical ruins connected to porcelain production have been found in the city, including the ancient Hutian kiln and the royal kilns in the Ming and Qing Dynasty. Stop by the Ceramic History Museum, Porcelain Street, China Porcelain Garden or the Sanbao Ceramic Art Institute to learn the most about the local ceramics collection. Get a taste of local flavor by sampling Jiaoziba, a spicy dumpling prevalent in this region.

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