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Ancient Settlement
白衣的妮露I want to give 4.5, but only 4 and 5, I have to give a full score. Like other ancient towns, the ancient town is an ancient town, the patterns are those. So I think it is particularly important to pick the time. I went after the rain, there are fewer people after the rain, and find a higher store to sit and stay for a whole day. Words are poor, straight up, I use all the original filters, beauty and technology.
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106***66Yunding Mountain in Jintang County, Chengdu, including the size of Yunding Mountain, Hantan ancient ferry, Minjiang Jintang small Three Gorges, Jiulong Beach, Sanxue Temple, Fortress Mountain, Tianxing Cave. Yunding Mountain is famous for its quiet and exquisite beauty, there are "Yunding Qinglu" scenic spots.
59 Reviews
Flower Fields
滇国剑客In Sichuan this place, own "Tianfu country" title, can imagine how beautiful. Pear Valley scenic spot is the world of flowers, but, surrounded by the theme of the flower scenery factors are also beautiful.
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M23***75Holy Light Mountain Villa (300 meters next to Sanxue Shang Temple), just up the steep slope of the first, there is breakfast (main noodles), lunch (ordering, home cooking), dinner! Now order bacon (authentic grain pig), you can first in our farmhouse to fry a taste before ordering! As to ensure the quality of bacon, so the production is limited, welcome to inspect and taste! (Main: spicy pig head, pig viscera, smoked bacon, sauce meat, bacon chicken, spicy rabbit), this shop only to widen the market, not for the profit, please come!
31 Reviews
Historical Site
路上50Yunding Stone City is the only surviving South Song Dynasty defense castle built to resist the Mongol Army in western Sichuan. The whole Stone City is located at the top of the hill, easy to defend and difficult to attack. The beautiful Qingshan Xiushui combines with historical sites. The heroic temperament of the resistance to Yuan Dynasty in the South Song Dynasty is the same as the landscape here... Drive here to climb the mountain, to the foot of the mountain has a lot of people, parked in the merchant home 30 yuan, then buy the ticket, then all the way up the mountain along the slate ladder, it takes 2 hours to go to the top, saw the East Gate and the North Gate, the temple is not open, the foot is painful...
12 Reviews
PrincessttSanxi Town in Sichuan is famous because it is actually a place where oranges are produced. Although we know that the place where oranges are produced is not this place, it is true that the oranges here are quite juicy.

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Lihuagou Scenic AreaChengdu,China

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Huatiang Guangxing Baota Romantic Sakura GardenChengdu,China

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Yunding Stone WallChengdu,China

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Yunding Mountain Scenic Area, JintangChengdu,China

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Wufengxi Ancient TownChengdu,China

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Jintang Travel Tips

About Jintang

Jintang is situated in the west of the Sichuan basin, on the outskirts of Chengdu. The Zhong, Pi and Bei rivers pass through the county. Popular attractions include a Song dynasty military fortress (Yunding Shicheng), Ruiguang Pagoda, Tuojiang Xiaosan Gorge, the ancient town of Wufeng and Sanxue Temple.

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