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Things To Do in Langfang

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水舞流星Use one word to describe the big; change the word to describe the big! Already received, because of the epidemic, Daan Temple and Museum were not open, others are normal visits. Ticket discount price is 40 yuan. Hang a lot of lanterns, very old-fashioned. Must go again when it snows in the future. The first city is the restoration of the old Beijing city complex, the walls can be up, around the city a week. The building is magnificent, worth a visit. When the spring flowers bloom, it is estimated that the scenery will be better.
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蓝色D鱼I think it is more suitable for children over 5 years old. I can understand some space knowledge. Game equipment can also play (many are more than 110 can play), of course, it is also a good place for small children to experience space earlier. The air-conditioned feet are also cool [Naughty] in the space. Please see the distribution map, when we went there were fewer people, clockwise, there were more places to play, most of the time to play down my children's favorite, 1 fort crisis, dismantle the bomb within the specified time, played 7 [cavities]; 2 Jupiter training base, has a certain challenge; 3 Star mission, flying spaceship, killing the enemy, mainly video game [Fangfang] noon in the Galaxy restaurant eat, 40 yuan a package, not all, really poor, can only say fill the stomach bar. Ps: Before going, you must contact if you can enter normally. We asked for a vaccine to enter.
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Hot Springs Resort
刘丽颖1991Very good experience, just not so many people, it is quite quiet, the room environment on the 4th floor is also very good, soaked downstairs, go upstairs to do a full body massage, the masseur's technique is very good, will come back to visit
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M32***20The first experience last week, really great, no worse than Beijing Jiuhua Mountain Villa Hot Springs, the water quality is better, the No. 3 foot massage level is very professional. I regret to know too late. The only downside is that the midday snacks are too simple, and although free, they are better to offer fast food at your own expense.
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City Park
203***32A little long holiday to play, really good, the park is very large, the bicycle is a feature, the child at least does not take the mobile phone, added a project for children, there is a super big inflatable castle, and there is an alpaca in a cute park. Asked the staff Mengchong Park and another major holiday, with an introduction to summer vacation will also build a water castle. The park area is also cheap, 30 days, unlimited time, Yaowanwa is suitable
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Hot Springs Resort
renmsDesigned and decorated in simple European style, the interior is luxurious and elegant, with complete facilities, and there are hot spring sanatorium, leisure farm, fruit, vegetable picking garden, local waterscape music fountain, waterfall, bridge water, indoor and outdoor hot spring bath, swimming pool, world top SPA, Tennis court, badminton court, golf practice course and other projects, unique scenery, enchanting environment.