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Things To Do in Mombasa

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National Park
Nature Reserve
pxy0705Tsavo National Park is a paradise for herbivores. It is also the only national park in Kenya where you can get off and walk. From the gate of the scenic area, you can see the iconic stone cone, which can actually be climbed. There are many European and American rock climbers climbing by hand. Going deeper, you can see all kinds of herbivores, the most common ones are zebras and gazelles, eating grass leisurely on the pasture, appearing very free.
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_GG***68It is a serene beach, good for family outing and fun. It's clean and safe. The local cuisine is creatively made and served, though very spice but I bet its tag wagging
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Historical Site
E27***92We came here in February. Fort Jesus is an interesting piece of Mombasa's history. You can learn about the city's strategic importance and how it changed hands between the Omanis and Europeans so many times. A nice diversion in Old Town.
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City | ​​landmark
Featured Neighbourhood
E28***45full of ancient history of past with amazing architecture or arabic designs with plenty of antiques sold in the surroundings
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非你不渴Mombasa Marine National Park (Mombasa Marine National Park) is located on the coast of Mombasa. There are many marine life in the park, such as crabs, sea urchins and starfish. There are also beaches and coral reef parks, suitable for diving.
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Nature Reserve
zixunshi99Kenya has the most safari parks, because the biggest area of their country is its large land, few people and many animals. This zoo is also very big. Animals run in front of us and they are not afraid of people.