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Things To Do in Pingxiang

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西门吹雪2The Friendship Pass is located in Pingxiang City, Guangxi, one of the ten famous Passes in Chinese history, and is the only Pass that still plays the role of customs clearance. The end of National Highway 322 passes through the Gate of Friendship Pass and is connected to the Vietnamese Highway. Friendship Pass is the biggest and most important barrier on the border between China and Vietnam. The high mountains on both sides stand, the situation is steep, the pass is stuck in the canyon passage, the friendship pass three words by the handwriting by marshal chen yi.
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熙评It was very tired to climb, but the scenery was good. The mountain was under repair, and the road signs were very unclear. The road down the mountain is still a dirt road, I was not dare to go, there is no road sign. I called the scenic spot and I was not sure of the road, so I returned the original road. After two hours of climbing, returned the original road? Thanks to his desire. The view is good,
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E27***44amazing waterfall and park! we went early in the morning and avoided crowds. very enjoyable walk and scenery . high recommended!
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E35***53A nondescript building but my room was fine - comfortable, working hot shower, clean linens and towels. Moreover, guests despite staying in this budget hotel have free entry to the Resort/Park Scenic Zone and great breakfast at the big restaurant. The check-in is at the next door Art Hotel - all belonging to the same group.
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色无忌There are not many things to see, but the environment is very quiet. A new pavilion has been built near the city of Dalian. When the pavilion opens, we will upload the picture. Let’s look forward to the surprise. The site is more spacious than it is now, and the architectural style imitates the ancient architecture of Lingnan.
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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
Leo - Libra on Holidaywe liked the place, it was nice boat tour. you have to check the timetable so you dont miss the boat. there are not many boats running everyday