Province of Pisa
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Things To Do in Pisa

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Historical Architecture
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
JazzyWhen life gives you twists and turns, cheque yourself up in Pisa ❤️
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sculptorThe Cathedral of Pisa is a medieval Roman Catholic cathedral, which was built in 1063 and was paid for using the trophy of the Muslim war in Sicily in 1063. The reconstruction of St. Mark's Cathedral in Venice that year proved the fierce confrontation between the two maritime republics to see which could create the most beautiful and luxurious places of worship.
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莲子99It is located between Pisa Cathedral and Pisa Railway Station. It is less than a 10-minute walk from the above two places. It is the square in the center of Pisa. There are small train tours to enjoy the scenery of Pisa's old city.
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小鱼儿2015The Pisa Church Museum is also a venue with a very long history. This place also has some high-level ancient artworks, and the sculptures are also very interesting. The Pisa Church Museum can also learn some things very well.
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sculptorVolterra is a walled hilltop town in Tuscany, Italy. Its history can be traced back to before the 8th century BC, and it has strong structures from Etruscan, Roman and medieval periods. The 1st century BC Roman Theater in Volterra was excavated in the 1950s.
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小鱼儿2015Pisa cemetery is also one of them here. The scope of the cemetery is quite large. Some of the facilities here are also very unique. The green area around the cemetery is very large, it is also a very quiet environment, and there are some good landscapes.