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Things To Do in Qingtian

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M44***72The scenery of Qianxia Lake is pleasant, you can enjoy the scenery of the second shore by boat, and there is a performance of the Yao people on the boat. When we boarded the boat, the Yao people, the girls danced happily and welcomed us. In an instant, you feel at home. It is great.
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卓乐翔After leaving Chen Cheng’s former residence, I walked a hundred meters to the Qingtian Indoor Ski Resort. It was quite exciting to play skiing for the first time. The park integrates sports, special catering, and leisure activities. The front overlooks the graceful and beautiful Ou River, and the back sleeps the green hills and the wild Yangmei Mountain. The ski resort has a large ski area, and there are electric lifts in the field, which can be smoothly skied 365 days a year. As a rookie who played three times and became more addicted, the first time I played, I fell and got up and slipped smoothly. It was accompanied by screaming all the way and stopped abruptly; the second time, I fell. After a fall, I slid down smoothly, and turned beautifully. I didn’t fall for the third time, and I slid all the way down, that is, um~ I hit the wall at last,,,, luckily the wall is a protective wall.
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National Park
闽东绿茶Southern landscape, big similarity and little difference, see more aesthetic fatigue. The highlights are the contained culture, small scenic spot but there are many cliff stone carvings, south dynasty after, there are many literati ink explore, leaving poems. During the May 1st, I chose this cold scenic spot, and I feel good 👍 cost-effective,
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M31***76It's fun, you must bring a mobile phone waterproof bag, wear slippers, bring a change of clothes, all will be wet, will soak in the water! ! Also bring porridge, otherwise you have to buy in the scenic spot, it is more expensive, and there will be water on the boat.
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Water Park
mackelEvery summer vacation will bring baby to play, the project is still those projects, but this year courage to play super-stimulus speed slide, from 22 meters high along 65 degrees steep slopes, very enjoyable!
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koffeeeA peaceful and relaxing place.You have to pay 30RMB and ride on a ferry for 5 minutes to arrive there.A wonderful spot to have a picnic, write and take pictures.There’s also a historical museum and gift shops on the island.Make sure to pack a large bottle of water and sunscreen to avoid getting dehydrated and sunburnt.