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Things To Do in Qingtian

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M34***30It is 30 yuan less than buying tickets on site. It is very convenient for a family and children to travel. More than an hour of sightseeing on the lake, and a show performance, worth playing! The lake is very large, the wind is very large, and the scenery is beautiful.
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National Park
闽东绿茶Southern landscape, big similarity and little difference, see more aesthetic fatigue. The highlights are the contained culture, small scenic spot but there are many cliff stone carvings, south dynasty after, there are many literati ink explore, leaving poems. During the May 1st, I chose this cold scenic spot, and I feel good 👍 cost-effective,
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Indoor Skiing
卓乐翔After leaving Chen Cheng’s former residence, I walked a hundred meters to the Qingtian Indoor Ski Resort. It was quite exciting to play skiing for the first time. The park integrates sports, special catering, and leisure activities. The front overlooks the graceful and beautiful Ou River, and the back sleeps the green hills and the wild Yangmei Mountain. The ski resort has a large ski area, and there are electric lifts in the field, which can be smoothly skied 365 days a year. As a rookie who played three times and became more addicted, the first time I played, I fell and got up and slipped smoothly. It was accompanied by screaming all the way and stopped abruptly; the second time, I fell. After a fall, I slid down smoothly, and turned beautifully. I didn’t fall for the third time, and I slid all the way down, that is, um~ I hit the wall at last,,,, luckily the wall is a protective wall.
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M55***12If you are in Qingtian, it is worth a visit. It is not far from Qingtian Station and the center of Qingtian County. There are buses and self-driving roads. There are Qiansiyan Waterfall, Luohan Wall, China Seal Park and other scenic spots inside. Part of Qingtian stone carving art tourist area.
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M55***12Qingtian is the hometown of Chinese stone sculptures and overseas Chinese. It is known as the stone capital of China. The tourist areas include Qingtian Stone Carving Museum, Stone Carving City and Qiansiyan Water Conservancy Park. The Qingtian stone is the home of stone carvings and the hometown of overseas Chinese. The styles of Qingtian are seamlessly transformed and integrated, and the shadows of small Hong Kong and small Europe are gathered next to the traditional southern village tiles. European-style buildings, Roman columns and reliefs are incorporated everywhere, and the old streets have been demolished and built in successive years, and the ancient buildings have been wrapped in the inner layer. I don’t know how it will be after a few years~
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Ancient Villages
喜欢旅行世界的金家四小姐Longxian Village, Fangshan Township, Qingtian County is a Chinese Tianyu Village. "Fish in the water" is the characteristic of Longxian Village. The small ponds in front of the house and the terraces filled with water have raised field fish, which has increased the economic income of local farmers. Transportation: After the train arrives at Qingtian Railway Station, you can go to Liuji Square and take a country minibus. The earliest is 5:40, and the next one will be 8:30. If you want to go back to Qingtian in the afternoon, you must ask the time of the shuttle bus. Ask the local villagers or the driver, and you will be enthusiastically told about the shuttle time. There is also a carpool, 60 to 70 yuan to reach Tianyu Village. We called a taxi on the edge of the Qingtian Taihe Bridge and arrived at Tianyu Village at a price of 60 yuan. The driver's eldest brother was very good and drove us to the Tianyu Village Committee and arrived at Tianyu Village. The mountain road is still a bit winding, and along the way, you can see the pit where Qingtian stone is mined. In the early morning, Tianyu Village is like a "Hanadu" hidden deep in the mountains. There are fish ponds in front of every house, where large and small field fish are cultivated. The water for fish farming is the mountain spring water flowing in the mountains, which flows through the canals and bamboo canals. In the rice fields of each household. When we went there, we hadn't planted rice seedlings. We could still see the rice stubble left in the rice fields. Most of the field fish were red and wandering in the fields. The buildings in the village are also very interesting. There are all kinds of houses, including old black tiled wooden structure houses, and modern style houses with exquisite brick wall structure, arranged in a patchwork on both sides of the road. It's just that most of the people living in the village are the elderly, and more than half of the children are working abroad. The "hometown of overseas Chinese" is really worthy of the name. There are ancestral halls, Niangniang Temple and Wu's Ancestral Hall along the village road. The more famous one is "Wu Qiankui's Former Residence". The former residence was built in 1930. It faces east and west. The overall layout is a triple courtyard style, consisting of a wall, a gate tower, a house building and a side room. In March 2005, Longxian Wu's old house (including family temple and ancestral hall) was announced as the fifth batch of provincial cultural relics protection units. Wildflowers bloom in the mountains, brooks gurgling, and brooks run through rocks. There is also a Julong Villa on the top. It is very good to escape the summer heat here. Walking along the mountain road in the village, you can reach the top of the terraces. There is a pavilion, which is a good place to watch the beautiful scenery of the terraces. When you arrive in Longxian Village, you must go to taste the "Tianyu" Tianyu is the most distinctive dish of the surrounding counties and cities. It is cultivated in rice fields, ponds, and streams. It can be killed, burned, eaten, and removed by caesarean. Afterwards, do not wash and do not remove the scales. The meat is tender and delicious, and the scales are soft and edible. Dried field fish can also be made, the traditional production of dried field fish is more complicated. First slaughter and wash the field fish, put an appropriate amount of salt in the fish belly, marinate for 10 hours, rinse and dry; then use an iron sieve on the stove at a temperature of about 50 degrees to bake until the fish bones are crispy until.

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Qingtian Travel Tips

About Qingtian

Qingtian County is located in southeast Zhejiang Province, in the middle reaches of the Ou River. Qingtian is famous in China as a capital of stone carving and a hometown to many of the Chinese diaspora. Qingtian produces an abundance of famous Qingtian rock, which is “one of the four best types of stone for making seals” according to Chinese tradition. Qingtian has a long history. The Shimendong (“Stone Gate Cave”) Scenic Area was discovered during the Northern and Southern dynasties (420-589), and Qingtian flourished through the Song, Ming, and Qing dynasties (960-1912). The place became famous because Ming dynasty founding father Liu Ji sought schooling here in his youth. Here you will also find compelling attractions like the Qingtian Muslim Temple (青田清真禅寺) and the Qiansi Rock Culture Park.

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