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653 Reviews
Ancient Villages
Ancient Settlement
E58***23Really beautiful and relaxing place to enjoy scenary, nature and local life ( if you don't go there during national holidays). Beautiful traditional wood architecture.
351 Reviews
M45***54The bird's nest sits a beautiful performance, beautiful, full of plots and fun, after watching the children can fully speak out the folk customs of the Dong people, parents also seem to return to the young time, worth a visit
134 Reviews
Modern Architecture
酒仙老周The customs of a village are only for the first floor. I am downstairs just to wait for you. The folk customs of Dong Township are very unique. Each group must have a Drum Tower. Of course, the larger the ethnic group, the grander Drum Tower! When you come to Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County, you can come and see if you don’t need to buy a ticket if you don’t need to go to the Drum Tower. The nearby parking lot does not charge, but it’s hard to find a parking space, but it’s quick to take a photo on the square! As the biggest drum tower of the Sanjiang Dong nationality, I will leave a shadow and praise! [Scenery] [Cost-effective] [Interesting]
219 Reviews
derricFengyu Bridge is a unique form of architecture of the Dong Nationality. In Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County, there are many wind and rain bridges, there is a big wind and rain bridge in the edge of the county, but the most beautiful is still in Chengyang area, now Chengyang Bazhai scenic spot, although it has become a paid scenic spot, But the various wind and rain bridges are really beautiful, especially when no one is visiting in the morning, the bridge has been standing for 100 years, and it is still standing on the stream, the only regret is that the commercial development is now the only thing that feels like a time-span backsliding. The taste has changed and the entrance fee is too expensive
131 Reviews
Ancient Villages
八尺小强Transportation: There are commuter buses at the door, there are not many trains, it is recommended to drive by ourselves. The self-driving route is along the banks of Rongjiang River, the left side of the national highway, the right side of the high-speed road plus provincial road. We will take the right from Sanjiang County, and the second half of the provincial road is not very easy to go. Scenic Area Service Center parking 5 yuan, but the service is simply, driving in a queue for ten minutes, you get off and go into the parking lot and turn around to find that the parking lot line is unreasonable. The large open area does not allow the car to enter. The logic of the door is that you are a bus. Otherwise you have to drive two cars at the same time. The scenic spot may be to receive group tourists, but there are really few groups coming here. Come to one, the driver and the door quarrel, circulation, and the door is serious traffic jam. Outside the door, the parking of the villagers' fee car 20, the first time I saw this scenic spot, may be deliberately to leave some business for the villagers. Ticket ➕ round-trip ticket reservation 18, on-site 20, the local people can be the price of the ancient city of Bailu. The streets are all selling oranges. There is ¥5 on the national road, 6 at the scenic spot, 8 yuan in the scenic spot. Dried goods have bacon and ducklings for dry vegetables. You can come over for two or three hours to see it on the way.
139 Reviews
Ancient Villages
derricThe most famous place in Sanjiangpan Township should be the Fengyu Bridge. There is a Fengyu Bridge in the county town. It is said that it is the largest Fengyu Bridge in the country. The night scene is very beautiful. He can also take a car here and tourists can also hike across the river on it. The whole is a very good place, and if you don't need money, the whole Sanjiang Xiaotianchang will still see more characteristics, but if you want to see the authentic old wind and rain bridge, you still have to go to Chengyang to take it to the scenic spot of Hebei County, it needs to be at night.

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Sanjiang Dong Nationality CountryLiuzhou,China

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Chengyang Wind and Rain BridgeLiuzhou,China

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Sanjiang Travel Tips

About Sanjiang

Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County is located in the northern part of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It is an autonomous county under the jurisdiction of Liuzhou City, Guangxi. Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County is the most populous of the seven autonomous Dong counties of China, and the area has a strong Dong influence. The main famous attractions are Shimenchong Natural Ecological Scenic Area, Chengyang Bazhai Scenic Area, and Danzhou Scenic Area. In these scenic spots, visitors can watch Dong village singing and dancing performances and experience the local customs of Dong villages.

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