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Things To Do in Shimen

29 Reviews
M55***23The scenery is naturally high with negative oxygen ions, around 12 o’clock at noon, it looks like 19-20 degrees over there, summer resorts will go there next time, the scenery is super good, you will not only see it like Zhangjiajie. The view cannot be seen from the human head.
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118***48Although the gate is not very impressive, the scenery is really first-rate. After the renovation, the internal facilities are good. When you walk up to a dam, you will see the lake and mountains. The floating bridge walks to the entrance of the cave and takes a boat into the cave. Soon after, it is beautifully illuminated by the scenery inside. Shocked to the point of dizziness, I saw the cave after landing. The characteristics of Dragon King are that there are caves in the cave, layered caves, Yaochi, Lotus Road, Dragon King, and Tenglong Prosperity. These scenic spots are particularly innovative, and they have never been seen in other caves. . In addition, the point is that Dragon King Cave is a living cave! There are stalactites dripping water all the way, and the mineral patterns in the stalactite water have accumulated on the newly built cement trails. You must know that there are not many live stalactites in many famous cave attractions. All in all, it is worth a visit, the tickets are cheap and the price is very high! After the National Day, I went to a local farmer's house outside the scenic spot to pick Shimen oranges and buy them home. very interesting!
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Historical Site
gz当地向导伊妹儿Jiashan National Forest Park is a nice place, with pleasant scenery, fresh air and plum blossoms. Although it is raining, it does not affect the mood of play. It is very interesting and refreshing.
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Hot Springs Resort
25961初小小Overall, not bad, the first address is next to the expressway, convenient transportation. Hot spring experience: The hot spring is large, there is indoor and outdoor, outdoor scenery is particularly good, couples and friends, family parties can go. There is also an indoor swimming pool (remember to wear a bath cap) Steaming room is super recommended to experience, the wet steaming temperature is relatively high, the first time you can go dry steaming. After soaking the skin, it is very good. In summary, there is still to be improved, is the food inside, too little, there is no choice. Nice view, overall great,
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gz当地向导伊妹儿The scenery of Wulei Mountain is good, pure natural scenery, refreshing feeling, natural oxygen bar, panoramic view, beautiful, interesting, super cost-effective, great!
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Memorial Temple
Historical Site
卡利亚诺李春The Shimen Confucian Temple was built in the Yuan Dynasty. In the fourth year of Hongwu in the Ming Dynasty (1371), the Confucian Temple was rebuilt under the leadership of the county prime minister Liu Dengding. The temple is divided into three parts, arranged symmetrically according to the central axis, across the same place. The 45th year of Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty (1780),