Songjiang District
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23,075 Reviews
Theme Park
_We***99If you like roller coasters, this is the place for you. So many different types of thrills can be found here. However, for those who do not enjoy them, there isn't much to do there except watch others.
12,748 Reviews
Water Park
_We***682021.7.3 Play card Shanghai Maya Beach Water Park tickets 249/person seems to have a group purchase but only 4 yuan cheap. Notice that you don't like bare feet can buy beach socks. Basically every item goes in the doorway and asks to take off your shoes to find shoes. It is not convenient to not like the sun too cloudy to go to the day I went. There are fewer people in the cloudy rain. I arrive at 11 o'clock in the noon. I will choose the skirt quickly when I queue up. Otherwise, the long sleeves can be used to protect against sunscreen and spray. But there is no chance that I will be tanned in the cloudy day. However, if it is not serious, the sunscreen will change to take a photo first, and then it will be open to play. But I am playing and taking sunglasses. Otherwise, I can't open the swimming ring. I can only rent the big float in my picture. 30 rent one that is not suitable for swimming. The best swimming ring door for rafting is also sold, basically 30 not expensive stimulus items are basically okay, figure 9 is estimated to be the most exciting, weightlessness is strong but very fun! ! ! Experience more projects to earn the ticket price ah haha mobile phone bag is fine, there are 10 pieces of food and drink there are food and drink, but it is not very delicious, some fried chicken kebabs expensive bathroom cabinets can rent 30 a deposit 20 bath place many people, It was crowded and hair drying was not convenient I brought a bath towel
4,433 Reviews
Historical Site
Daniel ChristopherGuangfulin is an archaeological site in Songjiang District, Shanghai, China. It is estimated to be over 5,000 years old. Artifacts from the Zhou Dynasty have also been unearthed at the site. The site covers 250 square kilometers (c.97 square miles). It was announced to be the Shanghai Cultural Relics Protection Site in December 1977, and was approved by the state council as one of the seventh batch of National Key Cultural Relics Protection Units in May 2013. The Guangfulin Relics Park is under construction.
7,552 Reviews
Film Studio
Tarp’s journeysThere are lots of people taking pictures and many visitors, suggesting to come here if you're in Shanghai.
4,241 Reviews
Botanical Garden
SMSI visited this garden with my friend. Overall I loved it a lot. Beautiful flowers and exotic plants are available to see. We went on a Monday and there were few people and no crowds. The one downside is that the printed map does not explicitly match the actual layout of the park in some areas. Therefore, you may get lost trying to find a particular area. Also, the African, European and North American plant areas are not CLEARLY labelled in the positions they are in the park. You will happen to come across them and won't know it. Other than this, the ambience of the garden is peaceful and wonderful to go to.
1,829 Reviews
Theme Park
大胃张😍😍😍Shimao Shenkeng Hotel is a pit outside the name, but any way to come to punch card, have to say, or very experience. [Naughty] [Naughty] Especially the water curtain show at night is definitely worth seeing. With the bright moonlight, the scene of Mulan Ci projected on the water log is beautiful. The waterfall next to it is even more beautiful. Worth a look.

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Shanghai Xuelang Lake Hot SpringShanghai,China

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Chenshan 517 Equestrian ClubShanghai,China

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Zero Degree Skiing Indoor Training Center (Xin'ao)Shanghai,China

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Songjiang Xilin TowerShanghai,China

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Songjiang District Weather

21 Sep, 2021
22 ~ 30
22 Sep, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Songjiang District
21 Sep, 2021 Songjiang District Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 71%, Sunrise/Sunset: 05:42/17:54
Songjiang District Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: High

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