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93 Reviews
_We***73Fabulos and excited place ,full of colorful emotions .Worth to visit to feel new feelings and emotions .
116 Reviews
Ancient Villages
shulydiaflyIt is the most convenient to drive here. There are very few people going to the Mid-Autumn Festival. It is estimated that there are fewer people. The scenery is beautiful, but there are too many bugs 😭 sitting in the Yangjiatang viewing pavilion for a while, I found that the legs are all black bugs, thinking it is a common bug, and I didn't care too much about it when I beat it with my hand. The result was that the next morning, I found that the legs were all itchy and red, and I couldn't bear to look directly at them. I realized that the little black worm would be a flea 😭😭😭 If you go, try to avoid stopping at the observation booth or do a good job of insect prevention in advance.
135 Reviews
M31***19Good scenery, overall super awesome, fun, fun, cost-effective, very suitable for walking, the scenery is very good, the spring waterfall, the water quality is clear, but after all, there are more mosquitoes in the mountain, you need to do a good job of protection, also need to do a good strategy
57 Reviews
Featured Neighborhood
燃烧生命的小胖妞Songyang Old Street is the longest historical and cultural settlement of the most deep one of the block, by Nanzhi Street, Guantang Road, Cross Street, People Street, Dajing Road, Pig Road and other main old streets. It is said that since Tang, a street in Ming and Qing Dynasty is the center of Songyang commercial trade, to the Republic of China reached its peak, called Wuli Long Street. Because of the age, because of the age, better preservation, is known as "living Qingming river map." The blue brick, the gray tile, the old window-flower, the dark brown wooden door which had been touched by generations, in the morning, the ring of light.
89 Reviews
Tea Plantation
当地向导江南游子Songyang Damushan Cycling Tea Plantation is the largest cycling tea plantation in China and an excellent leisure sports tourism base in Zhejiang Province. The tea garden in the scenic spot covers an area of more than 80,000 acres, of which the core area is more than 3,000 acres. There are rolling hills in the area, dense reservoirs, full of tea fragrance, pleasant scenery, and cycling lanes running through it. There are 8.3 kilometers of leisure and fitness cycling loop and 7 kilometers of professional cycling track in the scenic spot. The infrastructure of the scenic spot is relatively complete, and it can provide tourists with mountain bike rental and battery sightseeing car tours. It is a tourist attraction integrating tea garden sightseeing, tea culture experience and sports and leisure.
60 Reviews
Ancient Villages
慕午言Drive to Pingtian Village, the housekeeper Moon picks us up at the intersection! As soon as I stepped into the village, I heard the sound of singing so simple. What I saw when I entered the homestay was the kind of feeling I wanted, simple, suitable, slow paced, not rushed or impatient... I climbed a hill early the next morning, not high, but the air is good in the mountains, and the village is not big It was quite tiring to go around all morning, and gave us an exquisite handmade soap gift when I left! I am really satisfied with the accommodation, food and popularity this time, because it is very real and natural.

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Yanqing Temple (Southeast Gate)Lishui,China

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Yangjiatang VillageLishui,China

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Ruoliao Primeval ForestLishui,China

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Songyang MuseumLishui,China

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Songyang Travel Tips

About Songyang

Songyang County is located in the mountains of southwest Zhejiang and has over 1800 years of history. This is a famous city of provincial history. Historically, it was the economic center of Chuzhou (today's Lishui), and it has many historical relics, including the domestically and internationally famous Yanqing Temple Pagoda. The many cultural sites here also include the Huang Courtyard, the “Ming-Qing Neighborhood,” and the Xiongdi Jinshi (“Brothers Who Passed the Imperial Exam”) memorial gate.

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Songyang Weather

26 Oct, 2021
13 ~ 22
27 Oct, 2021
Light Rain
15 / 22
28 Oct, 2021
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29 Oct, 2021
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30 Oct, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Songyang
26 Oct, 2021 Songyang Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 84%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:09/17:23
Songyang Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Advised, UV Strength: Very Low

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