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贝勒格Yes, according to the route recommended by the reviewers. Take the bus to the mountain, walk down the mountain, with two children, it is more labor-saving. The scenery is good along the way, the big waterfall in Longtan is spectacular, and the geese in Fairy Valley will eat bread in addition to small fish and shrimp.
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寻隐不遇Hangzhou drive to Taizhou, set off in the morning, encountered traffic jam on the road, first to Guoqing Temple in the afternoon, and then almost three o'clock to Tiantaishan Waterfall. The waterfall is spectacular from the bottom, and some places the water will splash and moisten their clothes. Because of the hot weather, climbing from the bottom to the top is more laborious, it took two hours to take a walk to the top. The road at the top is easier to walk, and the scenery is very beautiful. Because it is National Day, people are born with patriotic enthusiasm in the face of the great rivers and mountains. The old man can enter from the entrance of the top of the mountain, look at the view on the top of the road, from the top down to see the waterfall. Children and young people are best to climb from the bottom of the mountain, see different waterfalls in different places, and after a hard work, overcoming the difficulties to the top to see the beautiful scenery, the sense of achievement will be very different.
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寻隐不遇The first stop of Tiantai Mountain Scenic Area is the Guoqing Temple, which is free to visit. The temple is small and relatively old. The temple is full of monks, and monks seem to live in the temple. Although unlike the big temple, there are many people around as volunteers to take care of it, the temple often sees monks. I think that Guoqing Temple can be seen everywhere in the temple of monks, so that people have the opportunity to experience Buddhism. There is a stream outside the temple, many children play in the stream, if you have enough time, you can take the children to play. There is also a tower built by the descendants outside the temple, very historical. From a distance, an ancient tower stands in a golden rice field, and the scenery is amazing.
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Famous Residences
京妞小姐姐Jigong's former residence is located outside the north gate of Tiantai ancient city in Zhejiang Province, the stone wall head of Yongning Village, is the birthplace of Jigong "-", the historical and cultural city of Zhejiang Province attractions. The former residence because of the years, through the vicissitudes, waste land. In 2002, Tiantai County People's Government approved and paid for the restoration of Jigong's former residence, The renovated Jigong residence was full of the atmosphere of the Southern Song Dynasty, with the connotation of Jigong culture and the picture scroll of the Xiangfan family house with the architectural style of the eastern Zhejiang province.
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卡琳普兰The Longchuan Gorge Scenic Area surpassed my expectations and in some ways rivaled the beautiful Qiongtai Valley. I played the whole rooftop, and this place can be in the top three. The scenery is beautiful and the water is clear.
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河马760120After four hours of driving, we arrived at the scenic spot. It took us amazed that the May Day holiday was over. It was a working day. The scenic parking lot was still full of cars. After a half-hour of moving, we finally parked in the last parking lot of _pharmacist parking lot. According to the map, from Huading Temple began our journey to the sea of flowers, first is the azalea plantation, planted more than 50 different countries introduced to different azaleas, ornamental, very knowledgeable. The biggest difference between Yunjin and ordinary cuckoo is that the Yunjin cuckoo is a kind of tree, and the ordinary cuckoo is shrubs, so when we arrived at the millennium cuckoo forest, really was shocked, 500 meters of mountain road trek became insignificant. Standing in the Guanyun Pavilion, the mountain all over the azaleas difficult to express words, only the camera in hand at all times work. Guanyun Pavilion after two choices, one is to go up, early morning can see the sunrise, one is to go down, another millennium azaleas forest. Most tourists choose to go down, quickly came to the rest of the tea room, cool air, a rest for a cup of tea, cool breeze, very comfortable. The location of the tea room is almost the center of the parking of the whole scenic spot, with the tea room as the boundary, can be mixed East and West two parts, the west of the ring road is gentle, there are forests and azalea forests two parts of the content, the forest is tall fir, autumn must be beautiful, azaleas are still covered with hills. There are not many parking lots in the scenic area, I can't imagine the congestion picture during the May Day holiday. The facilities are complete, the roads are clean and tidy, the mountain roads are not tired, children and old people provide songs.

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About Tiantai

Tiantai is a county under the jurisdiction of Taizhou City. It is located in the central eastern part of Zhejiang Province and is named after Tiantai Mountain, which lies within its borders. Tiantai County has a long history, is rich in natural resources, and has beautiful scenery. It is a famous tourist attraction in Zhejiang Province. It is home to attractions including Guoqing Temple, Shiliang Scenic Area, and Tiantai Mountain Scenic Area.

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