Timmendorfer Strand
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Things To Do in Timmendorfer Strand

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Ancient Settlement
LY3V1Lübeck, located in northern Germany, was once one of the richest and most powerful cities in Europe. Its outstanding protection of ancient buildings makes Lübeck a destination for tourists from all over the world. A large number of medieval monuments are still preserved in the ancient city, which is of great value for studying the history of Lübeck.
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Historical Architecture
轻轻的一个蚊"Holstein Gate" is the west gate of the old city, so its west-facing part of the city wall is very thick. The two towers are equipped with shooting holes. There are also earthen cannons in the building. The narrow window of the middle gate is used for splashing asphalt. And the boiling water, of course, is to attack the enemy siege. For the history of the founding of the ancient city of Lübeck, the "age" of the Holstein Gate is not too big. It has only guarded the ancient city for more than 600 years, but the years of polishing still made it overwhelmed, not only sinking but also tilting, and I don’t know. It can also protect this ancient city for many years.
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湘阴王离It is said that the third largest church in Germany is here. The scale is indeed very ambitious, and now I have to buy tickets to go in. This has always been the center of the ancient city of Lübeck, where the city hall used to be held, and the vault was also there. There is also a small post office next to it, but it has since become a church. There is also a little demon at the door. It is said that the devil’s help was obtained during the construction, and the workers lied to the devil that it was to build a beer hall. After she was done, she realized that she had been fooled. The statue is still there. Every tourist will stop here to take pictures.
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Historical Architecture
湘阴王离I personally think that this old hospital site is the most worth visiting place in the whole Lübeck process. This was once a large hospital. The large hall has now become a Christmas market, but part of the original ward has been retained. A small ward can prevent patients from spreading each other. The scale of this hospital is very large, the entire building can be seen the original scale, and the whole hall is decorated in a magnificent manner. His mosaic glass decoration is very beautiful, you must come here if you have a chance. Imagine that there was a hospital of this size in Lübeck in the Middle Ages hundreds of years ago.
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轻轻的一个蚊Walking into this small place indeed confirms the compliment of the owner of the family hotel! The town is beautiful, the beach is beautiful, the architecture is beautiful, the green trees cover the sky, and the sea breeze is tender and sweet. It should be the most prestigious seaside resort on the Baltic coast in northern Germany.