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一只胖腊肠一只胖腊肠[Scenery] The sea view is very beautiful. I finally saw the famous Easter Island stone figure. There are stone figures in many places on the island. You can rent a car and find it slowly. [Value for money] The prices on the island are a bit high, the accommodation environment is average and simple, but the room is quite clean. The food is expensive but the taste is good [Fun] You can go boating and diving, but I went there in mid-June. It was a bit cold and didn't dare to go into the water. .
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National Park
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
南美当地向导Yolanda南美当地向导YolandaArrange tourists to go to Easter Island to start a 4-day and 3-night itinerary tour. I recommend everyone if you can only watch one Moai statue, you must choose Ahu Tongariki, which is the most spectacular, famous and representative stone statue group on the island. The 15 stone statues here are different in height, short, fat and thin, and each is unique, perhaps vividly restoring the image characteristics of the aborigines. In addition to the advantages of scale, Ahu Tongariki, located in the east of Easter Island, is still the best place to watch the sunrise and starry sky. When the morning light passed through the gap between the stone statues and cast their shadows into the distance, the shock of this moment was beyond words, and you had to be there to feel it.
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Geological Sites
巫球王巫球王Easter Island in Chile is a very mysterious and legendary place! Many tourists come here! It's worth coming to this adventure! Come and see everyone! But you have to take a boat!
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尹泡喵尹泡喵Ranoko volcano is one of the famous attractions on Easter Island. Standing on the crater and looking down at the volcanic lake below, there is the sea next to it. Not far away is a relic of civilization on the island-Birdman Village, which is also one of the only two places on the island that can only be visited once by ticket. After going up the mountain along the route, you will see a small parking space. There is a place to admire the volcano. Another place is about to enter the Niaoren Village. When entering the deepest part of the Niaoren Village, you also walked to the volcano. From the mouth, you can admire the volcano from another angle.
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Modern Architecture
开心开心Valparaiso, about 1.5-2 hours by car from Santiago, the capital of Chile. At first, I didn’t dare to take a bus because I didn’t know much about it. We chartered a car. It felt like a seaside town full of graffiti. This is the first time Seeing such beautiful graffiti, I took a lot of photos, and the food was not bad. The bus ride was very good when I came back! It is safe and clean, there are not many people, and there are many shifts. The time to run is similar to a small car, but the price is much cheaper than a chartered car, so it is recommended that you can take a bus if you want to go.
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徐霞客之旅徐霞客之旅Mount Saint Cristo, also known as the Mount of Our Lady, stands on the banks of the Mapocho River. The Mapocho River flows by the side of the mountain, the waters and mountains are very charming. The mountain is more than 400 meters above sea level. From the foot of the mountain, you can take a cable car directly to the top of the mountain, or you can hike along the mountain path. On the top of the mountain stands a giant marble statue of the Virgin Mary, graceful and smiling.

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Anakena BeachEaster Island,Chile

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Ovahe BeachEaster Island,Chile

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Ahu TahaiEaster Island,Chile

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Iglesia de los Sagrados CorazonesValparaiso Province,Chile

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Wulff CastleValparaiso Province,Chile

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