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Things To Do in Xuwen

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米八生Pineapple Sea is located in the township half an hour drive from Xuwen County, here is just a demonstration point, is also the tip of the iceberg. It is more suitable for self-driving tours, cars can park in the parking lot of the service center, then walk around the surrounding scenery, or you can come to the car, the deep scenic spot, to explore other villages and scenery. Pineapple's sea free tickets, directly enter, 3-4 month is the pineapple harvest season, large areas of golden and green fields. Always want to make clear the difference between pineapple and pineapple, special interpretation from the appearance can be easily discerned, go out on May Day, the pineapple around the scenic area has been harvested, but there are pineapple wrapped waiting for harvest. Pineapple was very cheap to buy on site, one yuan for a sample, sweet and delicious, personally felt the best scenery is not at the navigation point, but along the other fields along the 376 dart, with conditions to explore on an unusual way
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bjbillyjiaoFrom Lijiang to Haikou, we chose to take a boat because we have built a new port here, which is oversized and like an airport terminal, suitable for punching in. From Lijiang to here, it takes two and a half hours to take a long-distance bus. The ticket information sold by WeChat public number is inaccurate, indicating that there is no ticket. In fact, you can buy it on site. The departure time is not accurate, but it is accurate to arrive within an hour.
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_We***38I loved this place. It is so beautiful and full of natural beauty. I spend the whole morning just walking around taking in everything. I got to the crater area and stayed there taking pictures for a little while. You can take beautiful pictures all throughout the park. There was so many stairs I even got a good workout in today. I really had a good time. I’ll go back again.
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M43***84I have already bought a house in Hai'an, where is the seaside beach in Xuwen? I have seen a beach on the east side of the sea before. There are lots of white rubbish. The parking spaces are collected a lot. I don't remember what it is called. The place is so dirty that it made the real estate manager blush! The environment here too affects Xu Wen’s economic development and Xu Wen’s image. I hope that it will be rectified as soon as possible, and the environment will be more beautiful. I look forward to a beautiful Xu Wen! This is Baisha Bay. The beach is good, but it lacks management, white trash is everywhere off-site, and parking fees are too high!
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D25***93if you are looking for a magical experience it is really good. stayed there one year ago for 5 days. at night ig gets even better when everyone is gone. ghost town
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滇国剑客The hot springs in this place are very comfortable. After washing, the skin is slippery, like a thin layer of natural enamel. For this reason, it has attracted a lot of tourists from far and near.