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Things To Do in Yunxiao

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397 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
王狗蛋的春天The last stop of Dongshan to go to the hot springs. Now it is a bit hot in the season, but there are very few people. The bubble is very comfortable and the scenery is beautiful. It seems that you are living in a paradise. Every hot spring water has been soaked once, and the first time you soak in the sea water hot spring, you will get smooth on your body.
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eve0[Fun] The climbing of the mountain is more dangerous than fun in the rain, especially the secret tunnel of Wushan de. Various holes, the climbing frequency is higher than the walking steps! The passage is all through the natural light coming in by the rock wall. The passage is about 30 minutes after walking. The rain is also poured in through the cliff. So umbrella, no use! From the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain about 2.5 hours, you think about whether you want to go [playing guide] Wear helmets, mountaineering sticks and single raincoats, flashlights, mobile phone waterproof case! Bring a little dry food and water! *** It is convenient to buy snacks and drinks in the scenic area. It is recommended to buy radish cakes at the entrance snack street. This thing is fried and fragrant. It is a bit greasy and high-calorie! [Traffic Raiders] From Yunxiao Town or high-speed rail station or Changshan to Wushan Scenic Area, the journey is about 1.5 hours. Can be taxied to, the fare is about 150 yuan. If you rent a car, Lexus will be 300 yuan a day. It is not recommended to rent a car for the novice driver because it is a mountain road! There is no public transportation to this scenic spot!
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Ancient Villages
拾光微尘里Because the mangroves were not open to the public, I decided to move to Neidong Village, about an hour's drive from the mangroves. A very well-built village. There is also a circular earth building in the village called Wu Cailou. There is also a Ledao Leisure Farm. There are a lot of leisure activities in this farm, such as eating and drinking, catching fish, playing with water, making tea, feeding rabbits, lodging, camping, etc. There are a lot of people. Especially the water play area, which is really good, especially children.
19 Reviews
Nature Reserve
M58***12The classic gameplay of mangroves is to take a boat and the other is to walk on a boardwalk. The Yunxiao City Government is very supportive and invested 8.11 million yuan to build the Yunxiao Mangrove Wetland Park, with protection areas, sightseeing spots and boardwalks. The key is not to collect tickets, free, free, free, important things are said three times.
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轻轻的一个蚊A while ago, a group of friends and a group of her sisters started to live and eat two meals in the Tianchuang Ping. It was amazing. Looking up at the glass room full of stars. Did not shoot the whole menu. The main fruit creative fruit is the first time around the villa to pick it. The heat is not too high. I am right. I will finish it. It is great.
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Hot Springs Resort
滇国剑客Jiayuan Hot Spring, a very warm name. Of course, the feeling of soaking in the hot springs is so very beautiful. No wonder there are so many hot springs who use it as a good place for health and relaxation.

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Yunxiao Travel Tips

About Yunxiao

Yunxiao County is located on the coast in southern Fujian Province. The indigenous Hoklo and Hakka people are among its residents. The Zhangjiangkou (“Mouth of Zhang River”) Mangrove National Nature Reserve sits at the mouth of the Zhang River in Yunxiao County and is an important national wetland ecosystem nature reserve. The reserve specializes in preserving the mangrove wetland ecosystem, endangered plants and animals, the resources of a quality southeast coastline, and the genetic diversity of aquatic products. Here you can also visit the Dongshan (“East Mountain”) Fengdongshi (“Wind-Moved Rocks”) Scenic Area and Jiangjun (“Military General”) Mountain Park (将军山公园).

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Yunxiao
26 Oct, 2021 Yunxiao Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 58%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:13/17:36
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