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48 Reviews
寂寞的西瓜They all said that during the long holiday, it is a bustling scene of people coming from everywhere. But in fact, to do a good travel strategy, not only can play 🉐️ more leisurely, but also can easily avoid the flow of people. ⛰️Sights play: As a water-drawing artificial waterfall landscape, the "Yulian Waterfall" consists of nine waterfalls, making up for the regret that "Sanqingshan" has no waterfall landscape, and it is also a good scenery with mountains and water 😜😜 Although it is at the foot of "Sanqingshan" The "Yulian Waterfall" scenic steps, but the slope is also very many. To travel easily and easily throughout the whole journey, the most critical is to travel from the North Gate to the South Gate. The whole journey is a top-down and downhill road, without effort, and at the same time, it is perfect to avoid the large passenger flow in the South Gate. It can't be praised more ❗️📌 intimate TIPS: The scenic spot is more original along the way. Vegetation and other things are kept to the maximum extent of the original, so it is inevitable that there will be a variety of small creatures out, do not be bitten la ~51 can also be wrong peak tour, "Yulian Waterfall" perfect punch ✅
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Cable Car
juki235The Shuangxi Cableway outside Sanqingshan is also called the Southern Cableway, and its ending point is the Nantianmen of Sanqingshan. The entire ropeway takes about 20 minutes. There is a section of the ropeway that is very large and steep, but the scenery on both sides is really good. When there is a sea of clouds, he will cross the sea of clouds, which is really amazing.
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Geological Sites
M26***67Beautiful. I like this place very much. Quiet and beautiful scenery! Tickets booked on Trip.com are more favorable than going to the attractions. The opportunity to bring friends to play again, the autumn to the woods is beautiful, and the air after the rain is very fresh.
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Memorial Hall
大足熊猫Famous patriotic education tourist attraction. Huaiyu Mountain is actually very shocking to travel up by car, because it is a long and long winding road, and the scenery along the way is very intoxicating, especially charming, and when the visibility is good, it will be really intoxicating. However, the driver will be very tired to drive, so you must concentrate and pay attention to safety. After all, winding mountain roads are still quite difficult to drive. Well, the air in the entire attraction is also very fresh, breathe fiercely, and a place that can be emptied, with layers of trees and green mountains, beautiful and spectacular.
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雨中的蔷薇2005The farm was nice, it was fun,,,
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City Park
滇国剑客This is called Liuzhou Park, but actually in Yushan, the name of "Liuzhou", the characters in the park are their most beautiful "face show, for friends from afar, show a beautiful picture scroll.

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Sanqing Shanwai Shuangsie RopewayShangrao,China

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Yushan Travel Tips

About Yushan

Yushan County is located in the northeast of Jiangxi Province and is rich in tourism resources. Sanqing Mountain, famous throughout China, is located here. Sanqing Mountain is known for its towering peaks, spectacular waterfalls, glacier remains, Daoist buildings, and precious plants and animals. The Tang dynasty poet Dai Shulun wrote a famous poem in praise of the beautiful Yushan landscapes. The people of Yushan have been using the lines of that poem to praise their hometown ever since.

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Yushan
17 Oct, 2021 Yushan Weather: Overcast, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 56%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:09/17:36
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