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夏吹夏夜风🤷🏻‍♀️The most popular online squat: Volcano Island tickets are expensive, many people, windy, poor service, colored soil, except for the photo of no play, and the said is true. But! In non-holidays, when the weather is good, it is really super! Class! Out! Pie! ! ! 📷 Photo suggestions: 1: Must choose the weather when it is good! Sunshine is all over the colorful buildings, no filters are needed at all. 2: It's best to shoot after 4:30 pm, this time the sun is your friend, especially the backlight before sunset, hair is glowing! But I was actually at 3 pm in rainbow mountain, and completely unobstructed, that light called a hard ah! But there are ways to save, can wear sunglasses, can be bowed, can pat back, can pretend to close the eyes to enjoy. 3: Not all of them take great pictures. The most important thing is to take our own pictures of beauty. So big scenes can't see themselves. Choose some good-looking corners, narrow the scene, more easily to take the atmosphere, not easy to take other people, not so like tourists. 4: Besides the popular punching position, it is recommended to explore more find different angles, more fun. 🤳 Little Air: [Rainbow Mountain] 🌴 There are some pink bubble houses along the way to Rainbow Mountain. Although it is not very foreign, it is easy to take a holiday with the tropical plants next to it. There are many plants nearby, and they are easy to be bitten by mosquitoes. It is best to spray some anti-mosquito spray. 🌈 Facing the right hand side of the heart, it is a large rainbow road, with the rainbow as the background, and it is also very good to come and go back and forth. 🏞 Follow the rainbow road to the halfway side of the mountain, the photographer shoots from the ground, and can shoot the rainbow road at his feet, and the top of his head is a whole blue sky. It's best to shoot the side, slightly raise your head, because it is easy to shoot double chins. 🦓 The location of zebra prints is very good with blue, and it's easy to take a big picture with full body and half body photos. ⛩ Come out of Rainbow Mountain, walk a little forward in the place waiting for the shuttle bus, you can see a row of pink birds on the beach, and it is also very good. [Monument Valley] 💃🏻 The wind at the entrance is really huge, blowing me suspicious of life, but in the moment of licking the skirt, it captured the pen of God. ⭐️ After entering the door, I saw a tree in the central square. The pink corridor next to the tree is definitely a treasure that most people ignore! Minutes of exotic scenery, and the reverse light here is super beautiful before sunset! 💒Standing in front of the pink wall and giant plants, beautiful! And here is not sun, light is uniform, pink wall lining of the skin is very good. There is no one here to shoot, so you can play as much as you can. 🪟 Try sitting on the window sill, with a little wall as the foreground, don't pose, natural state capture, easy to shoot a literary and artistic film feeling. 🌊 Don't patronize the building, the seaside is also beautiful. You can take a photo with a lighthouse, you can stand at the seaside viewing platform and shoot towards the sea, and you can walk down the stairs to the sea. 🏛 Facing the left hand side of the sea, there is a pure white lookout, and it takes a little Santorini's feeling, very pure.
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Flower Fields
自由自在自建团The scenery is good, the agricultural exhibition hall and the aquarium are a piece of decay, there are several venues even the door is closed, but the Strange Stone Museum and the Strange Carving Museum gave a not small surprise, is a highlight of the flower capital, superb.
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M47***08I have been looking forward to it for a long time. We have come to Liujue Cuiwan 😄 full of positive energy, with a family in the summer to play a good place. The children who are fun at the seaside scenic spot like it the most. Taking pictures is full of beautiful scenery. Unfortunately, I forgot to get up early to see the sunrise 🌅
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耶耶耶耶It is difficult to see such clean water in Xiamen. The scenery is very beautiful. You can see the blue sea and blue sky when you stay in the Emerald Bay Hotel and lie on the bed. There are three joint ticket attractions, Snow World, Zoo and Sand Sculpture. There are three slides in the ice world, which are quite fun. You can go first in the hot afternoon. The zoo is bigger than I thought, and I thought it was only a small one, but the animals looked a bit weak. There were animal shows at ten o'clock in the morning, and it was not clear in the afternoon. The sand sculptures are very good, more beautiful than Guanyin Mountain, and they are colored. After the sun is small, walking on the delicate beach and watching the windmills is very romantic.
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M11***46Tianfu Tea Museum is like a grand garden of tea! ! Birds and flowers, full of greenery, tea gardens, running water, Song Bridge, koi, the scenery is really beautiful... There are also the tea ceremony romances of China, Japan and South Korea. You can enjoy the graceful dance and feel the charm of tea culture at the same time. Pot of tea, to understand the development of Chinese tea...Highly recommended, recommended~ It is really suitable to take family, friends, and girlfriends to explore the duck with time~
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Historical Architecture
戴安娜的床Get off the highway at Zhaojiapu, and then navigate for less than ten minutes, and you will arrive at the castle built by the descendants of the world's only dead dynasty. Buy tickets at the ticket office, a ticket of ten yuan, you can enter the castle through the main gate of the ticket inspection. As soon as I entered the castle, I was moved by a piece of bright green grass. On the edge of the grass, there was an old tree with lush branches and an old ox under the tree. Everything is as moving as a summer oil painting. Let me leave for a long time. Walking inside is the profound meaning of "Wanbi Building". Now there are no people living here, only swallows flying around above the Wanbi Building, or landing on the windowsill of the building. The whole environment is very quiet. Going further into the village, they are all imitations of Song's residence, in the sunshine, quietly exuding simple beauty. What impressed me the most in the castle was the Bianpai Bridge. The bridge was very narrow and had a semicircular section. You must be very careful to climb the bridge while wearing flat shoes. I heard that ancient women should be able to walk smoothly on the three-inch golden lotus. Only married out of this bridge. The hardships of ancient women can be seen. Wearing high heels, holding on to both sides of the bridge with both hands, I carefully climbed up the bridge, thinking how the ancient woman would climb the bridge wearing three-inch golden lotus. I couldn't imagine that picture. I just felt that it was really very difficult, dangerous, and even a little breathless, but this bridge will remain in my memory forever. Eating in the village is not very expensive. Compared to other tourist attractions, it can be said to be high quality and low price. It is a restaurant run by the people in the castle. There are just a few tables under the tree. When you are tired, you stop and sit under the tree to blow the wind. It is also a blessing to eat a meal made by the descendants of the royal family. In addition to a few small restaurants, there are also a few local people selling dry goods, such as longan, native eggs, and herbs from the mountains. There is no trace of business. Maybe it is really the temperament in the bones of the descendants of the royal family. Even if you buy dry goods, it is quiet and quiet. There is no shouting at all. It is very casual and makes people feel very comfortable. It does not feel that they are selling things, but that they are a moving landscape. . It is very suitable for nostalgia, very suitable for staying quietly, and also very suitable for taking some green art photos. The grass, fields, and old trees, with different levels of green, make people forget the scorching sun. However, people who are easy to attract mosquitoes should remember to bring mosquito repellents and the like. After visiting Zhaojiapu, you can also stop by Liuao to see the sea and ancient houses.

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Zhangpu Travel Tips

About Zhangpu

Zhangpu is located on the southern coast of Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province. Like other coastal cities in Fujian, the fishing industry is developed and the people are hardworking. However, there is more to Zhangpu than this. The unusual landscape, the business park for Taiwanese farmers, and the unique tea culture all show how Zhangpu is different. It is both a tourist attraction and a treasure trove of culture.

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