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Things To Do in Zhangpu

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爱追星的小陈The scenery of the volcanic island is very beautiful, the pink is very suitable for the little fairy who loves to take pictures to punch in, the heart of the girl is full, the castle and the maze are good, when you go, the wind is too strong, it is recommended to check the weather forecast before going, the tickets are a bit expensive, the price is not high, but the scenery is beautiful, it is worth it. You can take the tourist car when you enter, it's a bit far from there. The volcanic island is very suitable for a small long holiday to punch in, but the location is a bit far away. It is recommended to drive to
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M47***08I have been looking forward to it for a long time. We have come to Liujue Cuiwan 😄 full of positive energy, with a family in the summer to play a good place. The children who are fun at the seaside scenic spot like it the most. Taking pictures is full of beautiful scenery. Unfortunately, I forgot to get up early to see the sunrise 🌅
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迎风而立The place is a good place, it has its own uniqueness, and it can be seen that the park has also spent a little thought and wants to build and maintain it. The only insufficiency is the traffic problem. There is a fatal point that must be pointed out. The main road enters the gate of the scenic spot. The actual length is 3 kilometers, not the one kilometer written on the bulletin board. I hope that the scenic spot can be corrected, otherwise it will mislead tourists for a few days. .
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自由自在自建团The scenery is good, the agricultural exhibition hall and the aquarium are a piece of decay, there are several venues even the door is closed, but the Strange Stone Museum and the Strange Carving Museum gave a not small surprise, is a highlight of the flower capital, superb.
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走走到拉萨"Tianfu" basically all over the country, but, to Tianfu in Luzhou is right, because this is Tianfu headquarters, simple clear four words "value for money".
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L-Y-NJade Bay Scenic Area is a card-worthy attraction in Liuyao Town, Lipu County, but the ticket price is on the high side. It is a beach. The ticket purchased on site is 99 yuan. The ticket is included with several other small attractions. There is a Liuyao ancient city nearby to see.