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3,382 Reviews
DomeldAmazing scenic place, good boat tours, food, the cave is truly spectacular, good for walking and generally an amazing day out.
131 Reviews
gz当地向导伊妹儿The morning Xiaodongjiang is too beautiful, too beautiful, cloudy, fairyland in the world, watching to catch fish, is a highlight, the scenery is pleasant, the scenery is beautiful, the fun is strong, the price is super high, a good choice.
117 Reviews
小美心鑫very nice place..you will not feel tired while roaming around..it’s peaceful place..will definitely set another date to go back..
36 Reviews
涵香幽灵White Lang, the title of Xiaohuaihai let you not go to Yunnan, but also can feel the exotic scenery. To visit Bailang has three routes. One is to ride a bicycle around the lake. The other is to ride a battery car around the lake. We choose the battery car around the lake for 60 yuan an hour. Everyone should pay attention to that the white corridor has not yet opened all. Be sure to pay attention to the time when you ride the battery car and pay extra for the time you exceed. You can take pictures on the road, you can also pick fruit to eat, there are many flowers on the side of the road, and fruit are free.
42 Reviews
Ivan-fengStill very good, worth going. It is a comprehensive tourist attraction that integrates tourism, leisure and health, and water entertainment. The canyon has the largest waterfall group in the south-the Longjing Eighteen Waterfalls; it is said to be the first slippery dragon scene in the wild in China Water slide; there is the largest natural oxygen bar in the country-Longjing Canyon negative oxygen ion accumulation area.
34 Reviews
M28***61Where is the most beautiful sunrise place you think is of course the place to go with your beloved one. Watching the sunrise is really one of the must-see tourism projects in life. Staying in the city for too long escapes the pressure of work. Come to Chenzhou this pure land from Guangzhou South→Chenzhou Station for an hour and a half high-speed rail, 174.5 yuan to return to Longshan to watch the sunrise, the sea of clouds ticket: free carpooling up the mountain life must watch the sunrise with someone you like, waiting for the sun to rise slowly under the trembling night sky The romantic darkness is dispelled, the light is greeted, and the moments of warm excitement. Many natural landscapes on the mountain are beautiful. When the sun rises, it is like a natural filter, which warms the surrounding scenery. Tips: 1. Take winter Overcoat, the top of the mountain in the morning is really cold. 2. The mountain road is very rugged, so you can avoid motion sickness if you have a good rest. 3. You have to set off to the mountain at 4.5 o’clock. It’s too late to watch

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Shoufo Temple (South Gate)Chenzhou,China

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Swan HillChenzhou,China

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Phoenix Island Resort on Dongjiang LakeChenzhou,China

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Yanjiang ParkChenzhou,China

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East River WondersChenzhou,China

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Dongjiang Lake Scenic AreaChenzhou,China

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About Zixing

Zixing City is located in the southern part of Hunan Province, in the upper reaches of the Lei River. It is a county-level city administered by Chenzhou. Zixing City has beautiful scenery and numerous tourism resources. The most famous of these is the Dongjiang Lake Scenic Area, which is also known as “Southern Hunan's Dongting Lake.” Zixing City also has tourist attractions including Longjing Scenic Area, Doushuai Island Scenic Area, Zhouyuanshan Buddhist Temple, Huilong Mountain, and Chengjiangkou.

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Zixing Weather

28 Oct, 2021
17 ~ 21
29 Oct, 2021
Light Rain
14 / 17
30 Oct, 2021
15 / 20
31 Oct, 2021
Moderate Rain
15 / 15
1 Nov, 2021
Moderate Rain
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2 Nov, 2021
Light Rain
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Zixing
28 Oct, 2021 Zixing Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 66%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:33/17:49
Zixing Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Moderate

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