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Pykes Creek ReservoirNearby City

Pykes Creek Reservoir

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"A hundred years of lonely travel west of Melbourne is a seemingly free term. Indeed, there are many choices for travel. Some people like to be lively, and no matter where they go, they will go to the most popular shopping mall in the area. Some people like to experience the local life and the smell of fireworks. The small alleys are their favorite. Of course, there are people like this. They like to experience loneliness and don’t like pushing. Those places that are extremely close to nature and can relax their minds are the focus of the trip. If you are like this, you will definitely be Like it here, 72km west of Melbourne, Pykes Creek Reservoir-Myrniong. On the highway from Melbourne to St Anne's Vineyard-Myrniong (St Anne's Vineyard-Myrniong), take the Pax Creek exit and turn right across the overpass. You will find a small road with a serene winding path leading to the Pax Creek Reservoir There are few tourists, there are locals in twos and threes fishing next to the reservoir, holding an umbrella, lying leisurely, not catching the fish, it seems that it is not that important, the distant lawn is covered with simple placemats , The woman sitting diagonally, the beloved novel she reads, and the people who are fishing from time to time. They have space and care for each other. I said this should be the best way of feeling. During the chat, I learned that this is an ancient reservoir built in 1911. Although it has been a hundred years old, the reservoir still provides water for the Bacchus Marsh and Weribe Irrigation Area. It also provides a small amount of drinking water for Myrniong. After a hundred years of loneliness, it is still Carrying the mission, let time flow silently, it still looks like before. The original ecological woods are preserved next to the reservoir, and the rich greenery surrounds the reservoir. Nature is indeed the best planner. The vegetation that has not been artificially carved may have witnessed the story of a century like the reservoir, and it is also profound and majestic. Continue to go inside, you will see the picnic area and boating area divided by the local government for tourists. Parkers Creek Reservoir does not charge tickets for free, so you have to bring your own picnic meals and boating boats. When we were about to leave, we met a car head-on with a kayak on the roof. Aha, maybe there was a slight wave in the middle of the reservoir, without paddling, just enjoying a soft afternoon with blue waves. It’s beautiful when I think about it. Yes, there is only one person in that car. A person who enjoys loneliness is actually enjoying life. Tips: 1. Check the water level a day in advance or earlier in the day. After all, it is a reservoir. Excessive water level may be dangerous. 2. The surrounding area is close to the original state. Make sure that the phone has enough power before going, and you can contact the outside world if necessary. 3. You must take away the garbage around you when you leave. 4. The local animals and plants are protected by law, take good care of flowers and plants, and be a qualified global villager."