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Observation Deck
Selimiye MosqueNearby City

Selimiye Mosque

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"Observation Deck"
"Exploring the traces of the years-Selimiye Camisi Mosque ○ A different mosque In the central and eastern part of Turkey, Konya is a 5,000-year-old historical site. It is a well-known pilgrimage and tourist center. This city has historical heritage and religion Mosque is a very common religious building among them. I was fortunate to have seen a different mosque here-Selimiye Camisi. ○Recommended play route: First take the bus to Mevlana Street, then get off and walk. It didn’t take long to walk on the street and I saw Selimiye Camisi Mosque walking into my field of vision. I have to say that the first impression it gave me was Very majestic, the overall appearance looks symmetrical. The decorations at the entrance are very beautiful, so I walk into the mosque while admiring it. At this time, the old man janitor took out a small white hat and put it on me. The old man was actually very cute. Although he could not speak the language, he always smiled. Some parts of the interior are under repair, and it feels much smaller than the outside. There is a large lamp hanging in the center of the dome. Maybe it is because the lamp is too big and the back is too small, but this is the first time I have seen this mosque. After taking a group photo, I went out, remember to return the hat to the uncle. ○One small reminder to Selimiye Camisi Mosque to respect the customs of Islam. If you give you a hat, just wear it. Don’t say it, it’s pretty good to take a photo with a white hat like that. If you’re lucky, the uncle will let you wear the hat. Take it away as a souvenir."