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Galata Kulesi, a lighthouse built by the Byzantine Emperor Anastasias in 507, was originally built of wood and was later burned during the Crusades until it was rebuilt by the Genoese in 1348. This vicissitude of the ancient tower has also been a number of other things: guard tower, prison and observatory.  In the peak season, it is said that there will be long queues. I came over in the winter, so I went up very quickly. I took the elevator directly to the top of the tower. From the Galata Tower you can see Istanbul. I was there until the sun set and the night sky became dark. Several mosques along the river lit up and the city lit up along with them. The wind at the top of the tower was very strong.  If you are visiting in winter, it will be very cold at the top of the tower. Fortunately, there are two restaurants at the top of the tower. There are many coffee bars and restaurants here, usually from 9:00 to 24:00. In the Galata Tower you can also enjoy oriental belly dancing, midnight performances and more.
Posted: 17 Dec 2018
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In general, the Shangri-La Hotel has a Chi SPA. At the Shangri-La Hotel, Bosphorus, Istanbul, in addition to the traditional spa, there is also a special experience for the Turkish bath, also known by the locals as Haman Hammam.. I was led to a room with a large stone bed. I put on a cloth apron and stretched my legs on the belly stone. This is the first time I experienced a Turkish bath, so I also Record the whole process with interest. The bath starts from the back and then the front, then washes and shampoos. 1. The masseur is pouring it all over my body with the hot water in the sink, then rubbing it with my hands with a towel glove, a bit like our domestic helping bath; repeated twice, the body dirt is Pick it up and rinse with water. 2. Use a brush with a foam made of scented body lotion, mint, etc., gently apply to the whole body before applying a full body massage. This process is the most comfortable, and it is said that these foams not only have a clean function, but also anti-inflammatory and pain relief. 3. Rinse the entire body of the bubble, the masseur will use the body membrane made of milk and honey to smear and massage one side to fully nourish the body. Wash your face and wash your face, then sit up and wash your hair. The last step is to get you up and rinse your body with hot, warm and cold water to shrink pores and firm skin. In this way, after more than an hour, the Turkish bath is over, and then I feel the blood is smooth and the whole body is refreshing!
Rainbow Stairs
There is a rainbow staircase in Istanbul, Turkey, because the colorful attracts many tourists to take photos and punch cards. What if I don't have time to go to Turkey? Now there is also a red rainbow staircase in Shenzhen, and there are colorful ancient villages. New Years Day is here to take pictures and explode friends circle! Fig. 1~6: Rainbow Stairs is a shopping plaza in Shenzhen Dameisha Outlets. After entering, you will see Nai Xue, and then go forward is pizza Hut, the rainbow staircase is next to the pizza hut, it is very conspicuous and easy to find. Rainbow stairs photo effect is really great! Especially on sunny days, there will be beautiful light and shadow, just take a look at it! In addition to the rainbow staircase, Outlet has some walls suitable for taking pictures, which can be used together to punch cards. /, direct navigation to Dameisha Outlet by bus, you can take the Dameisha bus stop, walk about 5 minutes to Fig. 79: Colorful ancient village Colorful ancient village is actually Dameisha Village. This place is near Dameisha Outlet, only 5 minutes from the Outlets. Everyone can navigate to the good seafood stalls in the hometown, and enter the small road next to the food stalls, which is the colorful ancient village. If you can't find a person who can ask the food stalls, or the nearby villagers, don't ask where the colorful ancient villages are, take photos directly to them, local people know.
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