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The British Museum

4.7/52,057 Reviews

Business Hours

10:00-17:30, extended to 20:30 on Friday. The Great Court is open from 9:00 to 18:00 on Friday . It will be closed on January 1 and December 24-26.


British Museum, Great Russell Street, London, WC1B 3DG
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About The British Museum

The British Museum is one of the three greatest museums in the world. It features a rich collection of rare works. The museum was the first to display the Rosetta Stone in its Egyptian Hall. The stone stele is inscribed with a decree in three different languages, and was the invaluable key to understanding language and culture in ancient Egypt. In addition, there are more than 23,000 Chinese relics housed here, the likes of which are rare even in Beijing’s Forbidden City or the National Palace Museum in Taipei.

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  • E26****7889

    This is a world-recognised museum of the highest quality. Exhibits are thoughtfully displayed with historical and national expertise evident throughout. The museum is always packed with huge queues to get in during the holiday peak times, winter and summer. It is definitely worth a visit but make it the first thing you do in the day - fewer people. The breathtaking exhibits from British and World culture never fail to amaze no matter how many visits. All items on display were legally obtained and protected against damage by expert care. The world should be grateful to this august institution. Unlike most in the eorld, this museum remains free to enter although I always give a donation.

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    Reviewed on 1566627024000
  • E22****5323

    Even though they stole many artifacts from all over the world, I accept the fact they have passion for collecting and preserving treasures.

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    Reviewed on 1564325481000
  • 徐团

    You must go to the British Museum in London. The British Museum, one of the four largest museums in the world, is naturally rich in collections, and can only skim through it for a couple of hours. On the day we went to the China Pavilion closed, I don't know why. It is said that the exhibits of the museum will be exhibited in rotation. Will they be replaced? We visited the Chinese ceramics exhibition hall of the Asian Pavilion, some of the exhibition halls of the ancient Greek and Roman Pavilion and the ancient Egyptian Pavilion, and also the clocks and watches hall and the Enlightenment Museum. The British Museum does not accept admission tickets and can take photos (flash is not allowed). The last picture is the stone tablet of the Pauloseta in the town hall.

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    Reviewed on 1480333998000
  • 爱好和平

    The British Museum of London is located in London. Take the subway to Bussel squre station. Ask the local people after leaving the station. I visited the British Museum on July 31, 2017. There are too many visitors, especially Chinese people. There are several tour groups of middle school students coming to visit. There are also many other Chinese who travel freely. The British Museum is ticket-free, but there are donation boxes everywhere, and a group of people are waiting at the entrance to manage donations. This means large donations, which are full of donation boxes of 5. Speech machine 6 pounds a person, there are nine languages of voice machine, Chinese is one of them, because today there are too many Chinese people, not 3 o'clock, cut off the queue, from a person in front of me, so I can not rent the voice machine. The British Museum is a world museum, and it has too many world treasures. Especially the ancient Greek and Roman stone carvings, it is really eye-catching. A day's swimming is just a rush.

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    Reviewed on 1501513318000
  • 山水人生

    After security checks entered the museum atrium, they went straight to the place where the guides were rented, most of which were Chinese tourists. Since there weren't many tourists at the time, they quickly rented a Chinese guide for 5 and took the time to familiarize themselves with its usage before the pavilion opened. The Chinese guides provided by the museum are very convenient to use, and the contents are rich and arranged in many ways. They can choose either excellent guides, or guides according to drawings, or flexibly select by pressing digital keys in the exhibition hall. The content can be repeated and displayed on a small screen, so it is very helpful to visit and find collections. In the Egyptian Hall, we saw Rosetta Stone, one of the three treasures of the British Museum. This stone stele is from Egypt, engraved with three different versions of the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh's edict. According to the comparison of these words, archaeologists gradually mastered the key to deciphering ancient Egyptian civilization. In the Greek exhibition hall, we saw another Elgin Marbles, a sculpture of the Parthenon temple, more than 2,500 years old. The collection was purchased by the British royal family and later moved to the British Museum, which has a history of more than 200 years. As the closing time approached, the staff began to clear the exhibition. As they stepped out of the exhibition, they saw Sir Hans Sloan hanging on the wall. From the introduction of Chinese guides, we know that it was his generous donation that led to the birth of the British Museum. At the same time, it was also his advanced concept of civilization progress at that time, which enabled us and tourists from all over the world to visit the holy place of this cultural treasure free of charge.

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    Reviewed on 1479965202000
  • 205****037

    No tickets are required for open attractions. It's a place where you can soak all day and feel like it's not enough. When visiting, you can choose to buy a guided map: 2 pounds per copy, or rent an interpreter: 5 pounds per platform; if you are traveling with a group, you can ask the tour guide to make an appointment with the instructor: 20 pounds per person. This time when I went, my mobile phone had a pocket guide app recommended by my friend, which could be used by my freelance friends. If you're not prepared for anything, you can't even find the direction. The commentator is about its freedom of movement, where to go, where to choose, where to hear, and if it is ready to fight a protracted war, it is a good choice.

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    Reviewed on 1485870880000
  • _GG3****7635

    As One of the top museums in the world, British Museum was one of the reasons, I had chosen UK as the destination for my first oversea trip. With wonderful collections from all over the world, it was like a treasure house to me. (Surely it is the treasure house of the world). I am So grateful for the opportunities museums have provided to us, which enable us to learn and to admire... A must visit for all. Two pictures from me as examples, there are Many photos online. By the way, we were allowed to take pictures in British Museum. Another good news is Entry is Free. A huge museum that is very famous and full of tourists. Works cover a range of cultures from across the world so there is actually a fairly limited section dedicated to British history. I recommend you plan the things you want to see before you arrive to ensure you have sufficient time

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    Reviewed on 1570009212000
  • 蔡芷涵

    The British National Museum is the world's oldest and most magnificent comprehensive museum, located in London, England. It collects many cultural relics and Book treasures from all over the world. The rich and varied collections are rare in museums all over the world. The collection was mainly plundered by Britain in the wars launched between the 18th and 19th centuries. The main victims include Greece, Egypt and China. Located in the heart of London, the National Museum of England is a magnificent ancient Roman pillar building. The cultural relics and books collected here have long been famous in the world. The British Museum was built in 1753 and opened six years later. It is the oldest and most magnificent comprehensive museum in the world and one of the largest and most famous museums in the world. Museums collect many cultural relics and treasures from all over the world. The rich and varied collections are rare in museums all over the world. The National Museum of England has more than 6 million collections. As a result of opening up, the original main collection of books, and later both historical relics and ancient works of art from various countries, many of which are the only rare books. From the 18th century to the mid-19th century, the British Empire expanded to the world, plundered cultures from various countries, and a large number of precious cultural relics arrived in London. The number of British museums was so large that they could not flourish. They were only stored in various museums. Egyptian Heritage Museum is the largest exhibition hall, with more than 70,000 ancient Egyptian cultural relics, representing the high civilization of ancient Egypt. A large number of cultural relics in Greek and Roman Museums and Oriental Museums reflect the splendid culture of ancient Greece, Rome and China.

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    Reviewed on 1475412821000
  • zoe89

    The British Museum is a must-see attraction for British tourists, because the exhibits in the British Museum are still very worth seeing. The Pavilion is open to the outside world free of charge. If you go in with shoulder bags, you should check the security of large bags, and if you have a small shoulder, you can let them go directly. They have an interpreter to rent. If they want to see it in place, they should rent an interpreter. Explanation is in place, the price is not expensive, it is still worth it. The Asian Pavilion of the Chinese Pavilion is being renovated these days, so we can't see what was stolen that year. But the Egyptian Pavilion is still very interesting. There are also special exhibitions recently, but additional tickets are required. If you want to enjoy yourself, a day is necessary. You can't eat in the exhibition hall. But the central hall and the courtyard outside the hall can be eaten. You can bring it with you or buy it in it. It's more convenient.

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    Reviewed on 1468841554000
  • 玩乐零售顾问王军

    British Museum on-site Chinese exquisite explanations British Museum covers 2 million years of human civilization history, 8 million collections, how long do you have to visit and understand? It takes 66 years for each one minute, but you only have a few hours. How can you go without regret? Our on-site exquisite explanations, accompanied by the explanatory teacher, do not require your own time and effort to find the exhibition hall, exhibits, and attractions; select the treasures of the town hall that you most want to see, the most representative cultural relics of the four ancient civilizations, China's porcelain, Egyptian mummies and so on, after listening to our explanations, you will feel that the British Museum is not a worthwhile trip! What you want to know is that we have explained the truth of history, the charm of art and the exquisite craftsmanship. And beyond your expectations of vivid, in-depth, interesting! You will sigh: when you visit museums, you should listen to our explanations! Price: 25 pounds per person, 90-120 minutes for the whole journey. To enhance the experience, teachers use MIC, you wear earphones all the way. Introductions include: Egypt, Lianghe, Rome, Greece, mummies, porcelain, China. British exclusive pavilion: (less than 10 people) & _220/hour; (more than 10 people) & _260/hour. Baotian: & #163; 1200 (6 hours). Introductions include but are not limited to: China, porcelain and painting, Egypt, Sumer, Babylon, Assyria, Persia, clocks, coins, Greece, Rome, Celtic. At the same time: National Gallery Appreciation, Natural History Museum, Science Museum, V A Lecture, 220 pounds/hour; Telephone: 0044-74-40120550 Wechat: British Museum Professional Lecture, Micro-signal: bmcnguide Association Web Site: http://www.uccea.co.uk/

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    Reviewed on 1505293975000
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