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Things To Do in Chaozhou

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E31***99Visit Chaozhou Is a must to visit day and night in Guangji Bridge
469 Reviews
Geological Sites
M31***40Well worth a visit, the National Geopark is so beautiful, unfortunately the weather is not beautiful, go to the park at 4:30 in the afternoon, thunder and lightning, scared the feasible 13-year-old cockroach, but also can not stop exploring the natural scenery, wait for 20 minutes after the rain stopped to continue the walk, I saw one attraction but I am also very satisfied. I will have the opportunity to come again next time. This location is very biased. You must drive yourself. You can't get a car. The road near the attraction is still under rectification. The parking lot is also under rectification. The parking lot has to charge 10 yuan. I feel a little unreasonable. I buy a ticket at the entrance of the park and say that it is a discount of 60/ people. It is a bit expensive to play for more than an hour. We will go to 4 pm on Tuesday. 30 just arrived, to the hole is also catching the tail bus, because the shower is too big, go to the hole is a bit afraid, if the weather is perfect.
124 Reviews
捣蛋第一人The southerner's ice and snow experience said that the cold was cold a few days ago, but still can't stop me from experiencing the happiness of minus 10 degrees in the north 😘. Hem Hem Hem ran to the snow world of the green sun after being fully armed. ❄️ Ice and Snow World ❄️ Recommendation Index: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭕ Although it is called minus 10 degrees, I don't know if I am expanding. After I enter, it doesn't feel very cold 🥶, maybe because the cotton coat rented at the door played a role 🙊? ⭕ Overall is not bad, the scenery is quite good. Seeing a lot of children around the ice sculptures to see 👀, quite a lot of cartoon images, but not color recognition 😂. ⭕ There are also igloos, pine trees 🌲 and foreign cabins 🏠, it is quite a feeling. But the light is a bit dark, taking pictures 📸 is a bit difficult and harmful. ⭕The ice slide is fun, a little exciting 👍🏻! Because it's Christmas, did you get an ice sculpture of elk and Santa 🎅🏻? So cute! Ps: Grilled chicken is very delicious 🗺️ Address: Chaozhou Chao'an Dengtang Town, Guangdong Chaozhou Green Sun Ecotourism Resort 🌿🎫 Tickets: Adult 👩🏻 68/person Children 👶🏻Older 🧓38/person (Cheap Point for online ticket purchase) 💡tips: Remember to bring clothes 🧥, umbrella ☂️, mask 😷
529 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
E34***75chaozhou ancient city very nice perfect to come with the family
509 Reviews
Featured Neighborhood
大老鼠格蕾丝In Chaozhou Manchu Manchu also spent a day, can not go anywhere or not go to the archway street. Although a little commercialized, this is inevitable, the archway of all kinds is still very good looking. Because just after the holiday, the tourists are not particularly much, dusk and evening photos taken out of good effect. Many famous restaurants and snack shops are also gathered here, enough stomach can eat very satisfied.
403 Reviews
山在穷游Many friends may say why a temple is a treasure place for Chaozhou punching cards, whether you believe in Buddha or whether you want to know history, it is a simple reason to think that you must reach this place when you come to Chaozhou. First, you will definitely go to Chaozhou, a attraction called Chaozhou Ancient City, and Kaiyuan Temple is located in the entrance of Chaozhou Ancient City, so since came to Chaozhou Ancient City, why not take a look at Kaiyuan Temple? Secondly, the architecture of the whole Kaiyuan Temple is worth studying, especially the tidal sculptures on the top of the temple are hard to see elsewhere. Finally, Kaiyuan Temple is really big, and it is also very quiet when the sunset is low, with the gentle sunset can make a lot of large films, and if you look carefully, there are many kittens in the temple in the growth, with the cat and the temple background, And you can make a lot of big movies.

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Memorial Temple of HanyuChaozhou,China

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Guangjimen Gate TowerChaozhou,China

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Fengxiangxia Original Ecological Tourist AreaChaozhou,China

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Zhenfeng TowerChaozhou,China

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Jun Cheng Yi Cang - The Artist InnChaozhou,China

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Chaozhou Travel Tips

About Chaozhou

Chaozhou is located at confluence of Guangdong and Fujian Provinces and is the origin site of Chaozhou Culture. Chaozhou is home to all kinds of outstanding local cultural features such as Chaozhao specialty cuisine, embroidery, theater, wooden carvings, residences and Kung-fu tea. Other than cultural features, Chaozhou also has plenty of scenic spots to visit such as the old city walls, ancient temples, memorial arches and old houses.

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Chaozhou
28 Oct, 2021 Chaozhou Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 80%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:17/17:38
Chaozhou Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Low

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