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Capital City Trail

Capital City Trail

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"Tofino, who is nostalgic for the sun, "I will go with you even if I get to the end of the world!" I often see such a sentence in TV dramas, but I didn't expect that there is such a place in the end of the world! And just on the west coast of Canada, this end of the world is like a gem on the sea, it is very dazzling, attracting a large number of tourists. Take a bottle of wine I memorial, this island must be a charming little fairy, today I came to Tofino, the jewel of the sea on the west coast of Canada. ●Surfing finally came to Tofino. This small island surrounded by the sea on three sides gave the sea the best capital for making waves, which made the waves even worse, which also gave surfers a perfect venue. As an outsider, I came to this place. Naturally, there is no board. I can only sit on the beach and watch them silently. The happiness belongs to them, and my little fairy has nothing/crying. But a local buddy saw me playing with me poorly for a while. My skill directly stunned him. He decided to give me the board and let me teach him how to surf. It was really dumbfounding. ●When you’re tired from the sunset, I sit on the rocks by the sea, waiting for the most beautiful sunset in Tofino. After a while, half of the day is red. There were a few white clouds in the sky. Against the background of the sunset, there was a kind of fire. It's really good. The sea has also become darker and more mysterious. Everyone's face has become softer, quietly enjoying the goodwill of nature. Of course, don't forget your "blockbuster"! The coolness starts after sunset, so remember to bring some clothes. Opening hours: open all day Ticket information: free to play Suggested play: 2 days"