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"The ceramic town (Moustiers-sainte-marie) is between the Lavender Road and the Sainte Croix Lake. The whole town is built on the hillside, surrounded by mountains, the small town is exquisite and majestic, condescending. The houses here are piled up with local limestones and built against the mountain. They are densely packed and look spectacular from the bottom of the mountain. From a distance, they look like a city built on a rocky mountain. The ceramic town, as the name suggests, is rich in ceramic art. There are many small pottery shops that have been handed down from generation to generation. Every ceramic product is handmade. Lavender, flowers, and small animals are their favorite themes. There is a kind of colorful and bright beauty here, and the tranquil atmosphere of South France is performed just right. At the foot of the ceramic town, you can see a pure gold star hanging among the limestone cliffs. This eye-catching gold star is the symbol of the ceramic town, and was presented by a heroic knight who returned safely from the Crusades. The center of the town is a murmur clear stream from the canyon. On the top of the stone mountain next to the town, there is a church. It takes about 20 minutes to climb from the town to the top of the mountain. Every step is made of piles of stones. There is a sculpture of Jesus. Climbing all the way to the highest viewing platform, looking back, there is a whole red roof under your feet, which is very beautiful. Coming to France for the third time, I like Provence the most, not because of lavender, but because of small towns like this. Although they look similar, they have their own characteristics. The ancient history is precipitated, quiet and indifferent but full of charm. The overall feeling is rich and delicate, and you can walk leisurely and experience the beauty."