Northern Mariana Islands
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Things To Do in Saipan

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E57***41Feel the all year summer heat in Managaha!..explore the small island and get a cool snorkeling experience with great underwater view!
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kan***ini think the view under the sea will be more beautiful than we saw.
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_U2***24I don’t know why it’s called Bird Island. I can’t go up and I didn’t see the birds, but the scenery is really beautiful. The sea is too blue and clear. However, there is a lot of wind and waves here.
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M24***57The View od Banzai Cliff is just stunning!! You can just see a perfect combination pf the cliff and the ocean. It is sugguested to go there in thr evening so that you can see the sunset together! Take a good camera for endless photos!
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健康美丽的芳芳This beach is also quite famous. It can be said to be a local holiday resort. The scenery here is really beautiful and unparalleled. The sand is very clean and delicate. With the blue sky and white clouds, and the blue water, it is really very comfortable. Yeah. Had a very pleasant holiday time!
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热土绝恋Walk north along the seaside road to the end. There is a large park with many phoenix trees. Although it is not in the flowering period, there are still a few blooming sporadically. It is beautiful and very quiet. There is a memorial hall in the park to understand the history of World War II. Now it has become a good place for locals to walk, jog, bike and walk their dogs. I also stayed at the place where we rented a car at night. Xingsha Hotel, Xingsha Hotel is where we rented a car. Convenient, we use qq to rent a car, and we eat at To@尼@海@鲜@饭@室, Tony Seafood, is also near our car rental, very convenient, I love it, and the seafood is also very good eat

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Banzai CliffSaipan,United States

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Forbidden IslandSaipan,United States

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Lau Lau BeachSaipan,United States

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House of TagaTinian,United States

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Atomic Bomb PitsTinian,United States

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DimpleSaipan,United States

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About Saipan

Saipan (塞班岛) ranks as one of the top vacation spots on the globe and is considered the world's best place for diving. Besides snorkeling and scuba diving, here one can also fish, surf, go on helicopter rides, go boating, go on jungle adventures, ride in submarines, parasail, and enjoy all manner of other water activities. Saipan also boasts world-class golf courses offering beautiful tropical views. In addition, tour participants can visit Battleship Island, the Japanese army's Banzai Cliff, the two sites of the atomic bombing of Japan, and Suicide Cliffs. All these historically meaningful sites are well worth a visit.

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