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Popular Attractions in Sendai

49 Reviews
Zuihoden, a spiritual temple, is dedicated to the famous singular dragon martial artist Ida Zhengzong. On July 10, 1945, at the end of the Pacific War, Sendai was greatly damaged by the US Air Force's strategic critical strike and Zuihoden was also burned and destroyed. At the same time, the Senxiang Hall of the second generation of the loyalists of the loyalty to the loyalists and the sacred temple of the third generation of the main sects were also burnt and destroyed at the same time. Zuihoden was again rebuilt in 1979. Before construction, the remains of the Yi Dazheng Zong and the funerary objects were discovered in the excavation survey.
Sendai Castle
85 Reviews
Sendai Castle is located on Aobayama Mountain in Aoba-ku, Sendai City, and was established by Yida Masahiro. In front of the main ruins of Sendai Castle, there is a bronze statue of a fully armed horse riding of Ida Masamune. It is very mighty. There is also a beautiful scenery of Aobayama Park next to the Sendai Castle. Since there are not many high-rise buildings in Sendai City, you can see the scenery of the whole city on the top of the mountain.
Tohoku university
48 Reviews
Tohoku University is one of the best national universities in Japan. The Sendai Medical College where Mr. Lu Xun studied was the predecessor of the Tohoku University Medical Department. There is a stone statue of Mr. Lu Xun in the campus and there is also an exhibition room in the historical library to commemorate Lu Xun. The whole school has a very quiet atmosphere. The teaching buildings are simple and the campus environment is beautiful.
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Miyagi Prefecture, Sendai City, Aoba Ward

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Trip Moments

My first impression of Sendai was probably because of the "Golden Dreams" of the Shuya people. "Rock, it is a very simple matter", travel is the same. The Yaren was poor in the film and only escaped. His image was really in line with the temperament of the film, and Sendai Station appeared as a background and became the opening of the film. Sendai Station, the opening scene of "Golden Dreams" is here, Qingliu Yachun met Morita Mori, who has not seen for many years, and the story begins with a strange dialogue in Morita. When I went to Sendai, it was night. When I went to the hotel to put down my luggage, I was so excited that I ran to the banyan tree lane of Dingchan Temple. Here is a bronze statue of Greco, which is quite a bit of an outdoor art gallery atmosphere. The reason why I came here when I arrived in Sendai was that the Prime Minister of the Golden Dreams was murdered here by the explosion. The life and death of the uncle was unveiled on this boulevard. I really don't want to spoil the movie about this suspenseful movie. I would like to be a singer and not just a cute image in this movie. Sendai, the largest city in the Tohoku region of Japan, is definitely more than just a movie location. The historical Sendai ancestor was the Yi Dazheng, who first built the city here and laid the foundation of the city street in Sendai. Ida Masahiro began to build a city in 1600, and then continued to implement new plans for urban construction design and development. At that time, Sendai was very prosperous, and the Spanish envoys described the situation at that time - people from north to south were coming and going, better than Edo (Tokyo). Sendai may not be too many amazing, and there are not many stories. As the largest city in northeastern Japan, the charm of Sendai is not only this, but there is also a lot of places worth staying in Miyagi Prefecture. If there is time, it is really slow. Walk ~
Posted: 27 Nov 2018
The first thing to come to Sendai is to take a look. I solemnly announced that this is the best pork risotto I have ever eaten in my life! ! ! Do not lie to you! Really are! Moreover, I am a person who does not like to eat fried pork chop. This pork risotto is very close to Sendai Station. You can walk by walking.

The store is taking care of two old couples. The old lady refused to take pictures and did not shoot. We sat at the bar and watched the old man alone in the work of fried pork. It is very simple to watch. Take out the whole piece of pork, play with seasonings, brush the egg liquid, dip the bread and fry.

Such a simple job, every step is just right, accurate to the extreme, can have such a delicious.

The simplest pork risotto. The most extreme is my delicious. Each table has black cans with their special sour plum sauce. With sour plum sauce, this pork risotto is delicious.

Why don't you see rice? Then big chunks of piglets. . . . After eating, I still have to eat!

package can choose to add no meals. Naturally, the old lady can't speak English. It is translated by the kind-hearted eater. There are many Japanese in Sendai.

Such a piglet is 1200 yen. Every pork is cut so that the meat is full. Remember not to discard the fat in the pork chop. I don't have to eat all. Fat is the most fragrant part. Figure 3 is the appearance of the store, remember Ha. This pork risotto is actually very famous in the local area, but the general tourists do not know. Address: 7-25, Minami-machi, Aoba-ku, Sendai
Posted: 20 Dec 2018
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