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Tokyo, the energetic capital city of Japan, is a beautiful culmination of magnificent skyscrapers, dazzling shopping arenas, ancient buildings and historic structures. The cityscape is dominated by towering buildings which has attained global fame for its fantastic design and engineering feats. This city’s dense population gives rise to a diverse blend of culture, technology, history, tradition and art. Emerging from a tiny fishing village, this city has gone through many crucial transitions to become the world’s most populous metropolis. In the first decades of the twentieth century, Tokyo suffered from devastating earthquakes and bombing raids, causing widespread loss of life and property. Despite this, the city witnessed rapid growth and modernization and eventually became a prominent political and economic centre for the country. The city boasts of hosting several extravagant events and meetings of international prominence, such as the G7 Summit and the Summer Olympics (1964). 

Most of the city’s geographical expanse is situated near the Tokyo Bay, which connects to the Pacific Ocean.  Much of the city’s inhabitants reside in the Tokyo Bay region due to large concentrations of industries in the area.

The city experiences a typical subtropical climate round the year with humid summers and chilly winters. The region receives a significant amount of rainfall, occasionally accompanied by typhoons.

Getting to Tokyo

Narita International Airport or the New Tokyo International Airport and the Haneda Airport or the Tokyo International Airport are the main airports serving the city of Tokyo and other adjoining areas. The Narita International Airport is situated approximately 60 kilometres from the city. They handle enormous amounts of domestic and international flights of the country and offer continuous flight services to major destinations across the globe. Hachijojima Airport, Miyakejima Airport and Oshima Airport are airports situated in the islands surrounding the city, and actively help in reducing the air traffic load to the primary airports. Getting to Tokyo from Tokyo International Airport is relatively easy as there are many taxis, rail and bus services. Well maintained expressways enable super-fast connectivity to the airports if one wishes to commute via road. Also, train services to the city handled by train operators such as East Japan Railway Company and Keisei Electric Railway offer smooth and fast connectivity to various parts of the city. Also, regular bus services provide comfortable and cheap commute options to Tokyo city.

Getting around Tokyo

If one wishes to have a fantastic travel experience in the city, then the traveller must know about the destinations he/she wants to visit and the transportation services connecting them.

The government has severely and sincerely invested in developing a spectacular network of transportation in and around the city. It boasts of an extensive railway network, connecting almost every corner of the city and thus enabling a streamlined flow of passengers across destinations. There are several bus routes and tram services, and also an abundance of taxi services operating in the city if one is looking for a faster mode of commute. Take note of the double-decker buses and travel passes which are exclusively made for the tourists.    

Reaching Tokyo

The airports serving Tokyo city is known to handle more than half of the country’s international passenger traffic and international cargo traffic. As a result, it acts as a primary gateway for tourists who wish to explore Tokyo and Japan. The Narita International Airport and Haneda Airport are one of the busiest airports in the world and have world-class amenities inside the facility for the benefit of the passengers. Some of the flight operators offering flights to Tokyo are Air Canada, Air India, All Nippon Airways, China Airlines, Emirates, Japan Airlines, Singapore Airlines, United Airlines and Vietnam Airlines. These operators manage flights to an array of destinations, like Beijing, New Delhi, Singapore, Nagoya, Hanoi, Los Angeles and many more.

Hotels in Tokyo

There are plenty of hotels in Tokyo which never fail to offer a spiritual experience to your trip. One can also book Tokyo hotels online beforehand to save time. Tokyo hotels are known for their grand lighting and ambience. Visit the local tourism information centre for amazing Tokyo hotel deals and to know more about the things to do in Tokyo.

1. Park Hyatt Tokyo and Hilton Tokyo are known to provide 5-star accommodations in the range of 50,000-60,000 Yen.

2. Park Hotel Tokyo and Hyatt Regency Tokyo, are 4-star hotels who price typically around 30,000 Yen.

3. Hotel Vintage, a 3-star hotel costs around 15,000- 20,000 Yen.

4. Sakura Hotel Nippori and Act Hotel Shibuya are 2-star hotels and are present close to many shopping plazas and eateries. It costs around 10,000 Yen.

5. In the price range of 1500 -5000 Yen, you could grab exciting 1-star hotel deals in Tokyo. Asakusa Hotel and Star Inn Tokyo are some of the cheap hotels in Tokyo.

Tokyo Tourist Information

Top tourist attractions in Tokyo 

Tokyo attractions are never-ending and are visited by people from around the world.

Tokyo Skytree: if you wish to gaze upon the endless horizons of Tokyo’s cityscape, then Tokyo Skytree is the ideal location to do so. Almost kissing the clouds, this structure is one of the tallest buildings in the world.

Hamarikyu Gardens: this serene garden offers a silent retreat for those who wish to relax amidst the laps of nature, away from the bustling streets of Tokyo. The place also highlights the history and origin of Tokyo along with many other attractions.

Tokyo Sea Life Park: this enclosure boasts of one of the most significant penguin habitats in the country, along with hundreds of aquatic living beings which swim lavishly in the blue waters.

Top food places in Tokyo

  1. Toyosu Fish Market: this market and the surrounding areas are filled with local food joints, where one can get the world’s best sushi. Sushi is one food dish which pops up when we hear about the ‘Japanese cuisine’.
  2.  Afuri Restaurant: a trip to Japan is incomplete without having a slurp of ramen. This authentic dish of Japan is relished along with pork, vegetables or soup broth. There as an array of dishes crafted out of ramen and each platter offers a unique eating experience.
  3. Hinoya Curry: this restaurant introduces you to the fantastic realm of Japanese curries. These curries are one of the most essential and famous delicacies of the country and are available in many variants.

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