No need to go to Harbin, there is a snow kingdom within 2h around Chengdu

🌟"The window contains the autumn snow of Xiling", Xiling Snow Mountain has always been the backyard for Chengdu people to play in the snow. It is only a 2h drive from Chengdu city, with convenient transportation and good road conditions all the way. It is a good place for Chengdu people to relax and leisure on weekends or holidays, and it is even more a paradise for skiing and playing in the snow this season~ Now the scenic area has set up ice and snow roses🌹, various bright roses are dotted on the pure white ice and snow, and there are rose ice sculptures🧊, 💗romantic spread over the entire snow mountain~ ▶️Arrive at the entrance of the scenic area, enter the visitor center, take the first section of the "Mandarin Duck Pool" cable car + shuttle bus to reach the mid-mountain 【Yingxue Square】, where you can play around the lake, play in the snow, ski, and there are some restaurants for dining here. ▶️Take the second section of the sightseeing cable car at 【Riyueping】 and rise to a height of 3250 meters above sea level through the snow-covered primitive forest to watch the rime and snow scenery. When the weather is good, you can watch the sunrise (before 8 o'clock) and the sea of clouds at sunset. 💡Tips: 📍Address: The back mountain main gate of Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Area. 🚗Transportation: Direct navigation by self-driving, about 124km, 2h; 🚌Public transportation is to take a bus at Chadianzi Passenger Station. The road conditions are good all the way, there are no icy sections, and no anti-skid chains are needed. 🏨Accommodation: There are hotels inside and outside the scenic area. 🍜Food: There are many in Yingxue Square, all kinds of food, there are hot pots, fast food or snacks. 🧤Equipment: The temperature in Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Area is relatively low, so pay attention to keeping warm, wear gloves, scarves, hats, etc., and wear sunglasses when playing in the snow when the weather is good.
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Posted: Feb 13, 2024
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