California Kamakura

I've always heard that San Clemente in California has a super picturesque spot, and I finally checked it off my list this time! As soon as I parked and saw the scenery in front of me, I was instantly healed! This small town is actually a stop on the Pacific Surfliner, a California beach railway line, and Kamakura is actually a junction for pedestrians to walk to the beach, near San Clemente State Beach, facing the sea. Occasionally, there will be trains passing by. We waited for two hours and finally waited for the sunset. At this time, an uncle with a guitar 🎸 walked over and began to play his guitar facing the sunset, forgetting himself. I couldn't help but sigh that this is a beautiful life! I hope that I can still love life at the age of this uncle. 🤍 ▫️Address📍 Park your car at this address: 251-399 Avenida Califia Parking, and walk a few steps to see it. 🤍 ▫️Photo-taking advice 📷 If you have the chance, don't miss the sunset here. You can see the sunset over the sea, it's absolutely breathtaking! - On the left side, there is a trail along the cliff. The starting point of the trail has a chair, which is quite beautiful and suitable for taking photos. - If you go to see the sunset, be sure to take photos against the light! Railway tracks 🛤️ or big rocks near the beach are great for photos. - A train will pass by in about half an hour, capturing it will be very story-like (remember to stay away from the tracks when the train comes, the guardrail will come down). 🤍 ▫️Outfit suggestion 👗 - I recommend a fresh and clean style of dressing, such as a college style or clothes with gentle colors~ - Remember to bring a jacket when it's windy at the beach. 🤍 ▫️Camera equipment 🎞 - Canon R5, 24-70
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Posted: 3 Jan 2023
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