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Things To Do in Arles

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Historical Architecture
猫猫在旅行The Basilica of St. Trophim in Arles was built in the Middle Ages. This church is Romanesque, with exquisite reliefs, and a cloister of Santo Torophim, which is very famous. It is included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. The lintel on the main entrance of the church is a 12th-century sculpture, very detailed, telling stories from the Bible. Many exquisite statues and frescoes can be seen in the church.
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_We***24It used to be a place where a large field of rapeseed flowers was planted. The flowering period of sunflowers is about 45 days. June to July is the best time to watch. It is really hot when you come deep. It is recommended to see it at 8 in the morning. :00 and 16:00 in the afternoon, otherwise the weather is really hot and hot
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M39***65To verify that Van Gogh's paintings are not in line with the real scene, there is a printed original painting on the side of the suspension bridge, but there are many angles that are not right, perhaps that's the unique angle that makes it a master
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Famous Residences
Memorial Hall
猫猫在旅行The Van Gogh Nursing Home is located in this very romantic town in southern France. After Van Gogh cut off his ears, he lived here for a while. His mental condition was very bad at that time. But the most brilliant creative period of his life was also spent here. In this nursing home, he completed nearly 300 paintings. The garden on the first floor of the nursing home is very beautiful. Especially in summer, it is full of flowers of various colors. Next to it is a shop selling souvenirs, you can buy Van Gogh-related surroundings.
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City Park
suifeng2019There are wetland scenery on both sides, and there are many flamingos and other water birds in the lake playing in the water. I also saw several teams of people riding horses shuttle through the wetland, and later discovered that this was a local tourism project.
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Historical Site
Historical Architecture
猫猫在旅行In the small city of Arles in southern France, there is a very conspicuous landmark building, which is the round arena built in the Roman era. You can also ask him to enter the airport, its appearance is almost exactly the same as the famous arena in Italy. It has a history of about 2000 years. The entire arena has 120 arches and can accommodate more than 20,000 spectators. This arena is still in use today.

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Saint-Trophime ChurchBouches-du-Rhone,France

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Place du ForumBouches-du-Rhone,France

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Van Gogh WalkBouches-du-Rhone,France

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Office du Tourisme d'ArlesBouches-du-Rhone,France

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St-Trophime CloisterBouches-du-Rhone,France

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La CamargueBouches-du-Rhone,France

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