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Shamu River RaftingClosed

Shamu River Rafting

4.5/5233 Reviews
Ranked #2 in Shibing Can't Miss Attractions
189.9km from Libo ·
"Grab the tail of summer! Please take two days off, accompany daughter to the Cedar River rafting! Because of the epidemic and Monday, the rafting people are very few! It will be about four or five in the morning at 10:30. We are lucky, the sun is not very big, the Chinese fir river is still clear at the bottom, the vegetation on both sides of the river is very good, especially the bamboo is beautiful and graceful, clear and green, like the beautiful tail of the nine-tailed fox in the fairy tale. The Chinese fir River is the only river in Guizhou Province that can be drifted by tourists. Two people canoe one kayak, no wooden paddles, and only one stick can navigate freely with the direction. The river bed is up and down. The river is slow and fast. If you want to go quickly, you can support it. Want to slowly put away the sticks to let its natural drift, enjoy the scenery along the way can also reach into the river, feel the cool river, very comfortable. The place with a big difference, there is no danger, very happy, because my husband is very heavy, the river will still be flooded into the kayak, the clean and cold river water hits on the body and there is a coolness! It scared my dog treasure to snoring all over! Poor husband and do boatman pole boat, and coolie out of the drainage, I and dog treasure steady kayaking, do a time free spirit. The Chinese fir river is now well managed along the way. The barbecue stalls in the middle are scientifically and reasonably planned, and the stalls have been repaired. Tourists want to rest and eat in the middle and feel a lot of hygiene. In a deep place, people who like swimming can also swim in the water. I was afraid of the cold and didn't jump into the river. The hated husband left the dog treasure in the river. The born swimmer dog treasure was yanked on the bank three or two times, which made our family and the tourists who traveled with us laugh!"