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Things To Do in Augusta

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Historical Site
乖小咪Cape Ruin is a very magnificent promontory near Perth, where a white lighthouse stands on the cliff. He is like a guide directing the ships coming and going. The cape is condescending, it is an excellent place to watch the sea view, it is very open and comfortable.
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Geological Sites
M33***29The jewel cave scenic spot is located in the western part of Australia. The scenery is very beautiful. The cave is cool and humid. After years of accumulation, the stalactites are formed in different shapes. You can visit along the plank road and experience its magnificence and a very beautiful feeling!
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Modern Architecture
Observation Deck
juki235The Leven Point Lighthouse has been erected along the coast for about 100 years. He was all white and looked very holy, like a rocket about to be launched on the skyline. The lighthouse can be climbed, and there are narrow spiral stairs inside, and you can get a panoramic view of the entire Magritte River.
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千山任我行Augusta is a small town further south in the famous Margaret and tourist area of Western Australia. This area has several beautiful caves and the nearby white lighthouse attracting many self-driving tourists. The visitor center is in town.
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wxx1026There are actually several caves in this area. It will be cheaper if you buy a package, but we have limited time and can only visit one. The time to go to Mammoth Cave is relatively early, so there are basically no other people. The special thing in the cave is a red stone, like a shawl, which is very interesting.