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Danyang is located in the south of Jiangsu province near Taihu Lake. The city has 6000 years of history and is home to a large number of historical relics. Historical attractions include the late Ming dynasty Wanshan Pagoda, which is surrounded by beautiful gardens and pavilions, and a Song dynasty well, both of which have been listed as protected sites by the local government.
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Things To Do in Danyang

Wanshan Park
156 Reviews
City Park
包子_不再沉默Last week, I made an appointment with a small friend to visit Danyang. From Danyang Glasses City-Wuyue Square-Wanshan Park-Nanmen Street-Ximen Street, we used the "guise" with glasses to find a different ancient charm in Danyang City. Also considered happy. Skip the glasses and have dinner with Wuyue, the first stop of our Danyang tour kicked off. Wanshan Park is equivalent to the Hongmei Park in Danyang. Although it is not large in size, it is a simple, atmospheric, comfortable, ecological, and open park full of historical and cultural heritage. Wanshan Park is named after the pagoda. The most famous landmark in the park is naturally the Wanshan Pagoda with a history of nearly 400 years. As a Changzhou native, when I saw this pagoda for the first time, I felt a little familiar. The shape of Wanshan Pagoda and Changzhou Wenbi Pagoda are almost carved out of the same mold, and the nickname of Wanshan Pagoda is Tongtian Pagoda, Wenbi Tower said that this discovery has not only increased our favorability towards Danyang a lot. The Haihui Temple, which is separated by a wall from Wanshan Park, shows that it is still under construction. The yellow walls and black tiles are matched with the unmelted snow and ice edges of the eaves, which is quite Zen. The snow in the park is slowly melting, and the scenery is different throughout the year. Only the Wanshan Pagoda stands tall, and its appearance is not old. Wandering around the park, the pagoda is the most photographed view. A spring plum blossoming Zhengwang located near the boat, the water dripping from the corridor from time to time scraped cones of ice on the branches of the winter plum, which is really beautiful. Wanshan Park is full of vitality and is a good place for Danyang citizens to take a walk and enjoy the snow.
Chinese Dinosaur Park
38,951 Reviews
Theme Park
D26***73A wonderful , fun family day out at this theme park in Changzhou
Jinshan Temple
3,199 Reviews
京门老客1953The visit to Jinshan Temple in Zhenjiang that year was quite deep: 1. Feel the pavilions and palaces, built on the mountain, climbing high and looking far away, the scenery is connected, and the scenery is good. Feel the 2. Thousand-year-old Jinshan Temple has water and Jinshan, Fahai Zen Master, Kangxi Emperor Jiang Tian at a glance. Feel 3. The legendary story of Emperor Kangxi and Zhenjiang Guogai Noodles has made Zhenjiang Guogai Noodles continue to this day, and the one near Jinshan Temple is very famous. If you go to Zhenjiang, it is recommended to go to Jinshan Temple to take a look.
Mount Jin
4,350 Reviews
pipi_9Jinshan Park is not small. There are three function areas that are also far away. We take two old people to walk not far, so we mainly went to Jinshan Temple. I am sorry, but others tour guides. Listen to the tour guides tell some stories about the levels of Pingfei Temple. It is recommended that if you have money, you can have a tour guide otherwise. Just look at the outside, the Jinshan Temple is very magnificent. The Royal Temple should be like climbing to the top. The E Ci Tower is very beautiful. The Fahai Cave is closed and we understand the origin of the water.
Slender West Lake
35,761 Reviews
E28***78Wonderful place. It is really beautiful park like summer palace in Beijing.
2,655 Reviews
E25***44Even when drinking outside, this place is amazing. Fun, invigorating, beautiful... I would recommend it if you enjoy peace and tranquility.

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Jiuli Scenic Area
Jiuli Scenic AreaZhenjiang,China

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Longqing Temple
Longqing TempleZhenjiang,China

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Danyang People's Park (South Gate)
Danyang People's Park (South Gate)Zhenjiang,China

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Bailong Temple
Bailong TempleZhenjiang,China

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Wanshan Park
Wanshan ParkZhenjiang,China

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Shangtian Water Park
Shangtian Water ParkZhenjiang,China

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Danyang Weather

Mar 2, 2021
3 ~ 9
Mar 3, 2021
8 / 12
Mar 4, 2021
6 / 16
Mar 5, 2021
Light rain
8 / 16
Mar 6, 2021
Light rain
5 / 10
Mar 7, 2021
7 / 11
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Danyang
Mar 2, 2021 Danyang Weather:Sunny, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:55%, Sunrise/Sunset:06:29/18:00
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