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Things To Do in Anxi

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RichardAs it was off peak, getting there on your own is not easy. The bus from town stopped at a village at the foot of the mountain, then a bike took me up there. Make sure you have his contact for the return journey. Once in the temple ground, its so peaceful, serene and beautiful. Not sure during peak season but there was less than a dozen people the whole time I was there. Its just a so nice to enjoy the fresh air, listen to birds chirping and in awe at nature's creation. The temple itself is not so big and on 3 levels. Made my offering and then wander around the surrounding and enjoy my walks.
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Theme Park
E27***05Spent an entire day. Fun and clean. Many water slides and there's a DJ playing great music at the main pool
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Theme Park
彭彭的Nice[Interest] [View] [Cost-effective] I have stayed in Xiamen for the New Year this year. I want to find a place and feel like I have the year. Thank you very much for your Fonte Oriental God painting. It is very comfortable and the lights will be good. I arrived at around 3:30 in the afternoon. I bought a night ticket for 199 yuan / person and could go in at 4 pm. Once inside, it's an ancient feeling, and it's passed right through. I'm a little excited to go in and forget to rent a car. If you come back, you can rent a car first. Two people are 80 yuan / hour, and three people are 100 yuan / hour. Because it's really big inside, it's a long walk. I am tired of walking, I remember to rent a car. Personal courage is relatively small, and the outdoors are not dare to play. If you are the same as me, you can follow the same route as me. First, feel the ancient boat that you take when you experience it. Remember to take an ancient ship, you have to sit in the middle. Don't ask why, remember it. Go to the cowherd and weaver, because it is opposite. Where to go again? Then go through the Flame Mountain. Be sure to remember to see the time arrangement in the middle, there is a Fantawild tour APP can see. There is time for each project and wait. I am experiencing this 4D feeling for the first time. Every project is experiencing the same with the main character. You can go to see the lights at night, and the headlights in the festival square are very beautiful. It is very suitable for taking pictures. Walking all the way back, many projects have not played. Watching pictures all the way, I want to play next time, I have to play during the day. However, the night scene is mainly to see the lights, like the New Year's night. Finally, I suggest you try to arrange the time as early as possible. It is estimated that the first time someone comes, do not know where the car will be more convenient to park. The people who drive to the car directly navigate the Fangtetuo parking building, and there are security guidelines for parking inside. It is easy to find the exit. Remember to prepare the green code in advance, don't worry about passing the rainbow bridge, there is a small train to sit. Tickets bought on the website go directly to the park door, there are people changing tickets there, it is very convenient.
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旅行or自由Anxi Fengshan Scenic Resort is located in Anxi County, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province. It is a multifunctional and high The grade suburban forest park is a provincial forest park and a national AAA tourist area.
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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
Historical Architecture
E33***66I went to Gulangyu Island yesterday on recommendations from a few of my friends. And I'm so glad that I took their advice. Even though I didn't explore the entire island due to exhaustion, I explored some areas and got a lot of great pictures. I plan to visit Xiamen again soon.
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Water Park
M27***36Overall fun service is also good. It is recommended to go to the first time to play big projects first, otherwise it will be more troublesome to queue up later. It is recommended to go together with 4 people. Some projects need 4 people to play together.