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Things To Do in Baise

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E27***44very nice surprise! you need to be relative fit to go down so many steps but worth it!
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MarcoRA large outlet, in our local word is the Longtan, the water is very clear, there are many fish inside, Longtan outlet around the formation of a wetland, planted rice fields and peach garden, lotus garden. There is a viewing platform on the nearby mountain, the scenery is actually good, the management is general, for the city friends, it is good to feel the pastoral scenery here.
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E02***84Drifting is very interesting, taking the baby sits more gentle, not too exciting, it is quite far from the point of drifting, many steps, and a little bad experience is the ticket that includes the boatman bought, but the boatman actually opens his mouth to tip! The folk wind is not simple!
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三生忘川The price is still acceptable, the whole park is very big, you need at least three shuttle buses. The focus is on the cloud sea and the tiankeng, the skylight, the scenery basically meets the expectations. The feeling of going up to the top of the two peaks is very good.
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Memorial Hall
善良牛Revolutionary fires have been passed down from generation to generation. The spirit of Baise Uprising, which is "unyielding, seeking truth from facts, relying on the masses and working together", continues to provide powerful impetus for the old revolutionary areas to win the battle against poverty and implement the strategy of rural rejuvenation.
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热爱生活0618Jingxi to the Quyang Lake seems to be a few dozen kilometers, um, the boat tour is really very good, the lake is very clear sunshine, very beautiful at six, really beautiful, here to relax quietly, feel the wind on both sides really is a very fresh feeling