Bowral - Mittagong
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Things To Do in Bowral

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juki235Kangaroo Valley is a very beautiful natural scenic spot in Canberra, Australia. It has magnificent canyon scenery and dense forests. As the name suggests, there are a large number of kangaroos living here. It is a very important tourist attraction in the capital Canberra, and it is worth visiting. .
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zhweieiThe end of September and the beginning of October are the season of blooming tulips in Sydney. Bowral town in the southwest of Sydney is the local tulip planting area. Many parks have tulip corbett gardens. In previous years, you have to buy tickets for special reasons. This year is free for special reasons. There are also spring tulips in the garden. When I went to several places on a small scale, I was not on the weekend but not many people came to visit
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01234567890liWolong jobs in south of Sydney, new south wales, Australia''s third largest city, known as the "back garden" in Sydney. 17 beaches, wollongong have greatly small compared with the noise of the Sydney, here is the typical Australian life environment, visitors are sparse, suitable for sea surfing, as well as sports.
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01234567890liNantian temple is one of the largest temple in the southern hemisphere, located 100 kilometers south of Sydney city of Wollongong, Wollongong. Started in 1992, completed in 1995. Covers an area of 55 acres, building area of 11000 square meters. South for buddhist believers, the day of the temple of heaven to the southern hemisphere.
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Simi悉尼It can be said to be the most beautiful winery in the southern highlands, whether you like wine tasting or not, it is worth a visit. It is most recommended to come at the end of April and the beginning of May when the maple leaves are red. It is very beautiful. Also consider a lunch book here.
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juki235Kiama is a magnificent coastal landscape on the outskirts of Sydney. On the coast are reefs protruding from the sea, with different shapes. The waves hitting the reefs set off huge waves, giving people a very strong emotional shock. The sea view here is also very beautiful, especially at dusk, when the golden sun shines on the rocks, it has a romantic and warm feeling.