Shire of Broome
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Things To Do in Broome

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D34***55Beautiful beach, soft white sand, great restaurants.
Nearby City
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安安A great town with the world’s oldest open-air cinema that is still open. Most travelers in this town are backpackers or driving all the way. For accommodation, it is recommended to visit Broome Youth Travel Agency. They have shared use In the kitchen, you can enjoy them from various countries making their local cuisine. For transportation, you can take a circular bus or rent a bicycle to travel, which is very convenient. In the evening, you can go for a walk on the cable beach. The scenery is beautiful. The bus is directly there. If you want to swim, there is a place to change clothes. When the sun sets, you can often see a row of camels walking by the beach. You can also book a camel ride to enjoy the sunset. It’s a pity that the weather was bad when I went there. There was a typhoon and it rained for a few days without riding a camel to watch the sunset. However, I watched so many foreigners doing food from various places in the hostel or watching If You Are the One (they like this show very much). Kind of experience.
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Geological Sites
D34***5526/10/19: Beautiful scenery, good to visit
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D34***55Nice look out
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