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_We***99best place for tourist , there’s a water park , zoo and the diamond theater with amazing show every night
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Tea Plantation
099***75The purple tea produced in Changxing Gu Lushan is the tribute tea of Tang Dynasty. The five-year-old Tang Dynasty, 500 ji tribute; to Huichangzhong (841 ji 846), the age tribute to 18,000 400 jin. When making tribute tea, by "the chief of the history of the thorn, the observation of the envoy in short." According to Song Jiatai's "Wu Xingzhi" quoted "Tong Ji", "Changxing has a tribute teahouse, after the tiger head rock, tangu yan. Stone plough and left hanging yan, or cultivated for garden, or cut for charcoal, only Guanshan Dushenxiu. Gui yanyuan built a grass house 30 years between the calendar 5 to 16 years in the Fujian Province to make tea here, The express journey went on, and took Qingming to Beijing.
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Flower Fields
Ancient Trees
M37***12There are a lot of choices in the scenic area, it is very suitable to play with children [scene] good scenery [fun] small train, the child also wants to do [price/performance] price/performance ratio, suitable for taking pictures
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maomaowindsTaihu family pictures and pictures eco-wetland cultural park is located in Taihu Lake Tourist Resort in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province. This wetland area is quite big. It is all by boat. It is taken to a small island by boat and then visited the island. There are many things on it, such as farmhouse music, animal farming, swans, Children's amusement park, scarecrows garden, etc. The scenery is not bad, can play for about 2 hours.
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蕙质兰心蕙质兰心Changxing has always had the reputation of the township of fish and rice, the silk house, the southeast look county. Changxing has many special and excellent new products, there are four treasures of Taihu Lake: silver fish, white shrimp, eel, hairy crab; there are four treasures of Changxing: ginkgo, hanging melon, chestnut, green plum; There are three outstanding products: Zijing tea, Zisha kettle, Jinshaquan. Changxing is rich in mineral resources, known as the hometown of building materials, is one of the largest building materials production bases in East China.
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滇国剑客In the Nanda Lake Ocean Park, there are both land playgrounds and a lot of water projects. Because the environment of Jieyuan is well-protected, it attracts many waterbirds to inhabit, which increases the "dynamic rhythm" of the park.

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Shuikou Purple Bamboo FarmhouseHuzhou,China

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Chinese Alligator Nature ReserveHuzhou,China

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Bianshan MountainHuzhou,China

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Aibinong Taihuhui Selected ResortHuzhou,China

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Golden Nails Ancient World Scenic SpotHuzhou,China

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South Taihu Lake Ocean ParkHuzhou,China

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Changxing Travel Tips

About Changxing

Changxing is located in Zhejiang Province's Huzhou City. It is said to be the northern gate of Zhejiang Province. Built in the Spring and Autumn Period, Changxing was known in ancient times as "the Great Wall." It has a history spanning more than 1,700 years. One of the landscapes particularly worth seeing in Changxing is the Five Kilometer Ginkgo Promenade. From the end of October to the middle of November, the ginkgo forests of autumn are very lush and beautiful. Guyu Mountain is the birthplace of Chinese tea culture and the seat of the first royal tribute tea house to have existed in Chinese history. Visitors who are interested in tea culture should not miss out on the unique opportunity to visit Guyu Mountain.

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