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Things To Do in Coonawarra

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pxy0705Brewing Si Winery is a very famous winery in New Zealand. Large tracts of grapes are planted here. It is a famous wine producing area in New Zealand. The wines produced by this winery have strong tannins, fragrant taste and a strong fruity aroma. The taste is definitely the top grade of New Zealand wine.
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National Park
pxy0705This is a very magical cave in Naracoorte. Many fossils of prehistoric animals have been unearthed here. There will be restoration pictures of these prehistoric animals at the intersection of the park and in the museum. It is really very strange. In addition, this cave It is also very large, criss-crossed inside, and the space is vast. It is really a mysterious cave that is worth exploring.
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渝泾先生Go to the coonawarra wine area and visit the Wynn winery. Entering South Australia from Victoria, turn C212 to A66 (riddoch highway) and follow the A66 highway to the south. Wynn Winery is on the right side of the road. The winery is huge, and it is endless to describe. The most famous of this region is its unique natural phenomenon-red soil. The red land zone is not high above sea level, it is shaped like a cigar, it stretches 15 kilometers and is about 1 kilometers wide. It actually evolved from the ancient coastline. This surface layer of red soil is rich in nutrients and is easily permeable, but it is very thin, only 5 to 100 cm thick. This is the most suitable soil for growing grapes in Australia. There is a reception center in the winery, which introduces the geology and history of the winery of coonawarra. There are souvenirs to buy and wine tasting. I drive, so I can only watch my friend taste it.
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7racymoonThe blue lake of Mount Gambier, which occupies a crater of the dead volcano, has been rejuvenated from blue-gray blue since March, when the blue-gray blue of the lake suddenly turns into bright blue-green in early November.
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孙宁godIf you pass by, come in and take a look. It’s not bad. If you deliberately run a long distance, forget it. Almost squeezed to death, there are too many people. It is recommended to avoid holidays
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7racymoonRecommended 👍 Cave Garden, overlooking it from the top viewing platform, then walking down the terrace and suspended vines into the garden. Opossums appear at dusk and enjoy being fed fresh fruit (please do not feed bread).