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43 Reviews
Historical Architecture
bjbillyjiaoBus from Meizhou to Huayulou 1, 6:40 a.m., bus in the city around for 50 minutes, 7:30 out of the city, to Taipu County has been 9 o'clock. 2, Dapu County to the flower building, a direct bus two times a day, one is more than 7 am, one is 2 pm, unless live in the county, otherwise Meizhou round-trip, it is difficult to sit. So I can only take the bus to Dadong. After going to Dadong four times a day, the return trip is also, the bus time is nearly an hour, the ticket price is 10 yuan, you must use cash, no change, you can change money with WeChat and the dispatch office, the timetable is shown in the last figure 3, after getting off at Dadong, just wait for the motorcycle in place. Fifty round-trip, no price reduction, one way is small for 20 minutes, or some distance from the mountain road, the road conditions are no problem, you can see the Fujian Tulou now no one lives in it, the residents have moved to the outside of the Tulou, you can climb to the three floors, experience the beauty of the design of the enclosed house, Visiting time is completely personal, and those who like to take pictures can look at more angles. There is a small square trough at the entrance of the gate. The local people say that it is a drain. The water in the enclosed house will flow into the river through the hidden channel. It is quite unique. Design 4, Dadong return journey does not have to wait for the bus, there is a private minibus, it is also 10 yuan. You can scan WeChat, just before getting off the bus, etc. The little shop next to know about the time, the minivan will honk the horn 5, return to Meizhou bus is also fast, because not to go around the city, about an hour and a half, just watching a movie, pay attention to go back to the place does not necessarily be the original bus stop, ask clearly, And you can always accost you to get off at 6th, Tai Po to the flower building can also charter 200 round-trip, and you can also take to Baihou Ancient Town. There are many people. Please ask the bus station duty room. You can find it for you.
52 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
小小绿带爆米花Envy the south drive tour, one ancient town full of the smell of the year and spring, plus unique regional culture and rich farmers spinach food, that is really heavenly.
37 Reviews
Historical Architecture
D23***98Meizhou Taipu, tour 4A Scenic Area Tai'an Building, it is located in Longgang Village, Huxiang Town, Taipu County, built in the twenty-eighth year of Qianlong, Qing Gaozong (1764), more than 240 years ago, is a very rare Hakka house in Shifanglou.
33 Reviews
Terraced Field
zbz_不一样的天空Pingshan Terraces is located in Dadong Town, Dapu County, Meizhou City. It is a tourist attraction that integrates "viewing the terraced fields, drinking magical spring water, the former residence of General Dan, and visiting characteristic houses". The terraced fields of Pingshan have beautiful natural ecology, and they enjoy the reputation of "Hakka Godland" because of the thousand acres of terraced fields with primitive shapes and beautiful lines built in the late Yuan Dynasty. The landscape here is different throughout the year. March-April is the season of rape blossoms; May-June, the fields are filled with water; from July-August, the rice grows with green brocades; in October, the rice matures and the golden wheat waves are there. Rolling in the valley, it's a natural beauty.
11 Reviews
City Park
L-Y-NWest Lake Park is in the center of Dapu City, it is a free attraction, there is a fountain in the center of the lake, the scenery is good, there is a food culture center nearby, there is a free parking lot, it is worth a visit.
1 Reviews
wang181After breakfast on the second day of the Meizhou trip, visit West Lake Park. This is an urban landscape park that integrates history, culture, folk customs, sports, amusement and leisure. It combines the characteristics of Dapu's "four villages" and "four famous" in one park The gate of Dapu West Lake Park is very high. It looks like a white marble building with the words "West Lake Park" on it. I thought I came to Hangzhou. It turns out that Meizhou also has a beautiful West Lake... There is a lawn open here, which makes people feel the warmth of spring, the air is fresh, and the autumn leaves on the lake breeze are particularly comfortable, and the good mood begins here...

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