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Things To Do in Guiping

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118***60Guiping Xishan Qujing path is quiet, cultural deep, is a good place to relax. You can go to the mountainside first, then walk to the top. Of course, the reverse is also possible. There are many roads in the mountains, it is difficult to play all at once, suitable for many trips.
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_We***95The cruise ship is in Longtan Forest Park. Tickets are 60 yuan, tickets and cruise ships are 99 yuan. It is cost-effective. Guiping drives 30 minutes to the scenic gate. The scenic gate is 20 minutes by car when you enter the cruise ship. You can drive by yourself or take the sightseeing car scenic spot of the scenic spot. The Dateng Gorge has a beautiful environment. Fresh air, pleasant views and a great place to take family
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City Park
LHCYThe Guiping Tropic of Cancer Park is located about 5 kilometers east of Guiping City, Guangxi, by the Nanwu Second Class Road, Xiaowen Village, Shizui Town. It is named after the park was built on the Tropic of Cancer. The first Tropic of Cancer landmark tower in Guangxi was built there. In the park, you can take a trip to Guiping.
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天天德啤It is a good place for water bathing and camping in the summer, with convenient transportation, deep mountains and old forests, shaded trees, clear water quality, all work pressure is liberated at one time, and the most important thing is that you don’t need to spend any money. It’s more fun to have locals take the tour
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National Park
印度酸辣粉There are local specialties under the mountain, the homestay, away from the city hustle and bustle, overall very good, suitable for young people, this is called climbing, hand and foot, the temple is also old, one of the 36 cave days of Taoism in China, 600 meters above sea level, can overlook the entire town of Mabu, after the late charge, strengthen management and development, The potential is still very big. After all, there are few scenic spots that Guigang can take. Come on.
Nearby City
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kidaimamaTickets are purchased on site 60, 58, which is very convenient to buy and use, the car enters the park for 20 yuan per car, the price is reasonable. There is no shuttle bus in the scenic spot, you need to drive to it by yourself, there are 16 kilometers from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain. The lotus waterfall is now not big, the climb is tired, the mountain is also steep. The scenery is really nice, the Nordic windy lawn and the church are beautiful to take pictures.