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Things To Do in Haut-Rhin

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m15***71One of the most famous towns on the Alsace Wine Route, Miyazaki’s mobile prototype of Howl Castle is a popular attraction due to Chinese restaurants. German-French mixed blood is a characteristic of Alsace. Colmar also has row of wooden houses and rivers, making it more romantic than other small towns.
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乖小咪The town of Colmar is a very beautiful ancient water town in France. The rivers here are crisscrossed with various bright flowers on both sides. The natural environment is very elegant and tranquil. Taking a boat tour of the small town of Colmar, the scenery is very unique, or walking on the small roads of the town of Colmar, feeling the romantic feelings of South France, is also a very good enjoyment and travel experience.
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-水晶罐头-I went to Colmar in midsummer in August. Although she is really beautiful, there are too many people, so the experience is very bad. There is no time to wander around the old city, just rush all the way. In my impression, Little Venice is full of people, and the river is full of people. The open-air seats of the bars along the street are full of people. The coziness is theirs and I am just passing by. The postcards here are particularly beautiful, so are the souvenirs.
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明慈colourful suburb, colourful street, so artist place, and planty of locate shop and so many art pieces you can pick up
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乖小咪The Key Street of Colmar is a very old street. On both sides of the street, there are various old buildings full of various small shops, all of which sell very exquisite gifts. The obvious local characteristics are definitely worth taking a look around. Take a taste of the elegance of this ancient French city.
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爱爱李Basel is a big old city. The history here is quite long. There are many museums and old buildings to visit. There are many classic cars, which are very interesting projects. [Fun] I like all kinds of classic cars